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Firearm and Shotgun Certificate Fees

As a result of work by BSSC, BASC and the GTA, the Home Office have set up a Firearms Fees Working Party to discuss and decide:

Which aspects of Police work should be paid through the fee for a Firearm Certificate and Shotgun Certificate.

Which aspects of Police work should be paid by HMG.

There is an acceptance by the Home office that full cost recovery is not appropriate as is the case at the moment, so the question is where the dividing line should be drawn.

The Working Party will meet quarterly.

There will be no interim fees increase while the Working Party is working.

New Application Forms for Firearms and Shotgun Certificates are expected to be introduced from 1st December 2013 and should make the task of completing simpler.

There is expected to be a trial on the e-Commerce approach to using the internet to apply for Firearm and Shotgun Certificates in the counties of Hampshire, Surrey, Wiltshire, Staffordshire and North Yorkshire next year to test the feasibility of online applications which will of necessity involve simplifications to the application process.

A review by HM Inspector of Constabulary into the divergent processes adopted by the UK Police Forces regarding applications for and renewals of Firearm and Shotgun Certificates is expected to take place next year involving a limited number of Police Forces.

(Per NRA web site news dated 14th Oct 2013)

NRA Range Conducting Officer - Status

NRA RCO qualification lasts for 6 years after last renewal/successful course completion.

If you have a NRA RCO card then please check it to ensure it is still valid. There is only a certain amount of grace period for renewal. Otherwise the full course will have to be completed again.

The relevant NRA web page is here for course details. The RCO renewal form (2013) is here.

Club Shoot 29th Sept Results

21 members attended the club’s final long range shoot of the season which was not a shoot counting towards trophies. 14 members returned scorecards although not all had a complete 2+20 for the two distances and for some new members it was their first long range shoot. For some others there was a bit of experimentation taking place including one member confirming that the start of cataracts is seriously detrimental to his 1000 yard scores.

Lochboisdale 2013

1st West of Scotland 428v36
  Highest scorer W.Buchanan with 74v7
2nd West Atholl RC 424v36
  Highest scorer Mike Barton with 73v5
Claire loves it when a plan comes together!
West of Scotland, Lochboisdale Winners 2013 and best dressed team!

Murray Cup

The forecast of appalling weather, and a competing event at Diggle, resulted in a very low turnout for the Murray Cup competition. Six members who had stayed overnight in Blair Atholl after the East of Scotland Open were joined by four who had " interesting" journeys on the day. To our surprise there was dead calm when we arrived. By 0930 we had a little gentle breeze for 500. We moved back to 600 and had just a little more breeze, but after that decided not to move to 900 but to shoot 600 again as the forecast was for the wind to triple in strength about noon, and we detectedd the first signs of that. As soon as we had made the decision the sky became blue, the sun shone and the wind disappeared, but we stuck to our guns and were glad we had done so. Halfway through the second shoot at 600 it became very stormy with poor visibility. Considering the forecast we were very lucky indeed. The competition was close with only two Vs separating the top two in TR and three Vs likewise in F/TR.

Kenny Macdonald, Murray Cup Winner 2013.
Mike Barton, F/TR Quaich
  500 600 600 Total
K MacDonald   74v11 75v10 72v7 221v28
T Kidner   75v9 74v8 72v9 221v26
J Potter   75v12 71v7 71v7 217v26
E Jones   75v7 73v7 67v4 215v18
K Baxby   70v4 73v7 635v 203v14
M Barton   75v13 75v12 74v13 224v38
P Burbridge   75v11 75v14 74v10 224v35
P Dingle   75v10 71v2 66v6 212v19
J Morrison   75v13 66v2 62v4` 203v19
J McRae   67v5 74v8 62v3 203v16
F Class   No entrants    

Club Trophies 2013

Kenny Macdonald, Munro Broadsword
Peter Dingle, Nicholl Cup
Butter Cup-best two shoots at 400yds: HPS 150
K MacDonald   150v21        
K Baxby   147v18        
A Hay   146v17        
Christie Bowl-best two shoots at 500 and 600yds: HPS 300
K MacDonald   298v42        
J McRae   287v25        
K Baxby   285v24        
Norwich Union Trophy-best shoot at 900 and at 1000yds: HPS 200
K MacDonald   195v19        
S Glen   184v15        
J MacDonald   180v10        
The Munro Broadsword- TR through the ranges: HPS 425
K MacDonald   420v57        
S Glen   406v46        
J McRae   405v30        
The SD Nicoll Handicap trophy
P Dingle            
"That Grotesque Tankard"-F/TR through the ranges: HPS 425
P Crosbie   423v69        
P Burbridge   422v62        
M Barton   418v55        
F Open            
Seann a Bhalaith Athaill- F Open through the ranges: HPS 425
P Sandie   408v21        
H Inglis   387v22        

East of Scotland 2013

Full Results
K.MacDonald collecting the big one

Perth West Atholl v Perth Fremantle Results

A significant win for West Atholl by 40 points!

Tullibardine Open 2013 Full Results

Yet another Kenny Macdonald benefit shoot! He dropped one point on Saturday scoring 254 ex 255 and five points on Sunday with 99 at 900 and 96 at 1000 leaving him eleven points and seventeen V's clear of the runner up.

K.MacDonald, Class A TR Championship, Q1, Sat.Agg.

Inverness Open

Full Results.

C.Halleran, Class B, Walker Cup, Fort George Cup, Sat.Agg. Maurice Wilson, Sun.Agg. and Grand Agg.

Club Rifles for Sale

West Atholl Rifle club has an old Target Rifle for sale. Updated 12th August

Home Office Firearms Guide - Published Chapters

The following chapters of the Home Office firearms guide have now been published on the website:

  • Introduction
  • Definition and classification of firearms and ammunition
  • Prohibited weapons and ammunition
  • Expanding ammunition
  • Restrictions on the possession, handling and distribution of firearms and ammunition
  • Law on shooting birds and animals
  • Museum firearms licences
  • Criminal use of firearms
  • Proof of firearms
  • Northern Ireland

To download these chapters click here. Please note that over the next few months the whole Home Office Guidance will be updated.

Border Barrels under new Ownership

New contact details.

Butts Works 20th July 2012

Kenny MacDonald, Peter Burbridge, John Milner and Mark Guest have been working very hard for several days to re-shape the butt-stop and reinforce the retaining wall.

Mike Barlow wins 2013 Bisley Match Rifle Hopton Agg.

Full Results

Police Scotland

Contact details updated due to the reorganisation of the Scottish Police Service

West Atholl v Cawdor & SRA Crosses Team Match


Pentagonal & Finlux

Full Results

Pentagonal, (TR) winners Fife & Kinross
Peter Burbridge, Finlux TRF Winners Tayside.
Peter Hunt Fife & Kinross with Finlux Trophy

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Private Member's Bill

A recent event in the House of Commons at the start of the new session was the ballot for Private Members Bill, the annual opportunity for back benchers to propose a piece of legislation close to their hearts. The ballot received some publicity at the time, as it was being mooted as giving the potential to raise the question of a referendum on Europe.

The Daily Telegraph has now started a ballot of its own, giving the public the opportunity to choose their favourite out of six options, one of which is to “Repeal the ban on handguns and re-open shooting clubs”. At the present time this option is the most popular – in fact it has received significantly more votes than the aggregate for the other five.

You can see the latest position, and vote if you wish, by going to:
telegraph Telegraph new law competition vote now web page

Scottish Multi-discipline Shooting Championship 2013


SRA Long Range Open 2013

Full Results

West of Scotland Open 2013

Full Results

K.MacDonald, Championship winner

NRA - Changes to Safety Procedures and some other rules

Along with the latest edition of the NRA Handbook, a revised version of Bisley Range Safety Regulations has been issued. While some changes are purely administrative or to remove anomalies, there are others that directly affect conduct on the range. This note is an informal explanation of the more important changes. ...

New Flagpole at 500yds

The tall flagpole at 500 yds, which had been out of action for most of last season, was reinstated on 12th April with the help of Gordon Learmonth and staff of the Home Farm and a large tractor, assisted by James and Des. The job was summed up as “a bit more tricky than it first seemed”. Many thanks to Gordon, and to our new sponsor House of Bruar who generously funded the materials.

Some (but by no means all) of us benefitted from this additional help at the LR shoot 9 days later.

James supervises placement of the pole between the uprights.
Now all we need is a flag
Just shift it a quarter inch to the right.

Working on the range, "Spring!" 30th March 2013

Sixteen members turned out on the first fine day of the year to do a great deal of work on the range. The targets are rigged, the buttstop is re-filled, the mantlet has been cleared and the toilet works. Many thanks to those listed below, especially to gangmaster Paul Crosbie, to Richard Scott for fixing target problems and in particular to those members whose commitments allow them to shoot very rarely but who still turned up to work.

Workers: James Bell, Mike Barton, Douglas Keiller, Paul Crosbie, Hugh Inglis, John Potter, Peter Burbridge, Kevin Nangle, Richard Scott, Jackie Maclean, Daoud Rhouma, Paul Sandie, Jim Kettle, John Macdonald and Robert Thomson.

Jackie and Jim put out heat shields while some of the rest of the squad refill the backstop.
Nicely renovated backstop. Seems a pity to spoil it with bullet impact.
Before the targets could be remounted the shot holes in the top-caps had to be smoothed out by...
..... James (“Hammer of the Scots”) Bell.

Why do we have shot holes one metre above the centres?


It is not easy to manoeuvre 85kg of target through a space with two inches to spare!!
Chief Sanitary Inspector Potter restores the toilet’s VERY cold water supply.
No sighters and one to count. Richard Scott scores the first V bull of the season while testing the target system! Ah! If only all shoots were as easy as this! Just need to allow for wind, air density and coriolis effect.

UK firearms: Licence applicants may need partners' approval

BBC News Story

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