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Club Results for 7th April

Thirty members, visitors and guests assembled at Jubilee Range on a bitterly cold day for the first club shoot of the season. It was snowing lightly when we arrived and shot 400, moderately at 500, and more heavily at 600. Those who shot last at 600 struggled to see the targets through TR sights. The snow stopped immediately after shooting stopped.

Wind was minimal at 400 so scores were generally good, although not for those individuals who could not understand the appearance of magpies and outers until, too late, it was noticed that the monitor display was for F class! The only TR possibles were Kenny MacDonald’s at 400 and one apiece for Glen Senior and Glen Junior at 500. Glen Senior would have had another at 400 had he not declined to convert his two cooking bull sighters, so committing himself to a further 15 shots of which no. 14 was an inner. Thanks for confirming the temporal relationship between hubris and nemesis Simon!

F/TR possibles in these benign conditions were ten-a penny, but special mention must be given of Paul Crosbie’s 75v15 at 400 and his and Mike Barton’s possibles for the day; and of the possible shot by Hugh Inglis’s daughter Jodhi at her first full-bore shoot. Well done!

Shooting at 400 in relatively good conditions as seen from 500
By the time we finished at 600, targets were indistinct.
    400   500   600   Day Total
S Glen   74 v10   75 v11   73 v10   222 v31
P Glen   73 v8   75 v12   72 v7   220 v27
K MacDonald   75 v7   72 v5   73 v6   220 v18
K Baxby   74 v10   73 v9   70 v5   217 v24
A Hay   68 v6   72 v11   69 v2   209 v19
P Dingle   66 v4   71 v6   71 v7   208 v17
D Gow   67 v3   69 v4   62 v3   198 v10
N MacDonald   52 v2   72 v5   70 v2   194 v9
J MacDonald   51 v1   67 v4   70 v7   188 v12
P Sandie   74 v5   71 v7   70 v3   215 v15
H Inglis   70 v5   72 v6   71 v5   213 v16
R Thomson   67 v2   64 v2   67 v6   198 v10
P Crosbie   75 v15   75 v14   75 v13   225 v42
M Barton   75 v12   75 v13   75 v11   225 v36
P Burbridge   75 v11   75 v13   70 v6   220 v30
Miss J Inglis   73 v10   75 v8   72 v4   220 v22
J Milner   72 v6   75 v10   72 v8   219 v24
J Wilson   73 v11   73 v9   72 v9   218 v29
P MacLaughlin   71 v5   72 v10   74 v11   217 v26
D Squires   73 v8   69 v5   74 v6   216 v19
A Mabon   66 v3   71 v8   73 v5   210 v16
S Craig   69 v8   71 v6   68 v6   208 v20
J McCall   74 v9   74 v9   56 v2   204 v20
J McLean   69 v3   68 v6   69 v6   206 v15
K Nangle   55 v3   70 v4   69 v3   194 v10



Club Results for 21st April

    900 1000 Day Total
K MacDonald   99v12 96v7 195v19
T Kidner   98v13 89v3 187v16
J Potter   97v11 89v7 186v18
R Scott   99v9 85v4 184v13
D Gow   94v13 82v2 176v15
A Hay   91v5 79v1 170v6
J MacDonald   91v5 78v3 169v8
K Baxby   87v5 82v1 169v6
J Gaywood   90v5 71v2 161v7
P Sandie   97v5 82v1 179v6
D Parr   89v3 81v2 170v5
H Inglis   89v4 65v1 164v5
R Gow   90v5 72v2 162v7
R Mearns   87v4 68v1 155v5
B Bourner   87v0 61v1 148v1
P Crosbie   100v17 98v8 198v25
P Burbridge   100v17 90v6 190v13
M Barton   99v10 85v4 184v14
P McLaughlin   97v6 86v3 183v9
D Keiller   92v9 73v1 165v10
K Nangle   87v7 77v3 164v10
M Guest   91v3 64v0 155v3
G Hogston   89v5 00v0 89v5


Club Results for 12th May

    900 1000 Day Total
S Glen   97v11 87v4 184v15
K MacDonald   94v6 88v6 182v12
J MacDonald   92v8 88v2 180v10
P Dingle   86v5 90v3 176v8
J MacRae   89v5 83v2 172v7
S Duncan   77v2 83v1 160v3
A Langford   67v4 73v2 140v6
P Sandie   86v1 86v1 172v2
H Inglis   86v3 81v2 167v5
R Mearns (v)   78v1 86v3 164v4
R Gow   87v6 76v0 163v6
P Crosbie   100v19 96v9 196v28
P Burbridge   99v9 97v10 196v19
M Barton   98v15 94v8 192v23
J Milner   98v12 90v8 188v20
P McLaughlin   96v10 88v8 184v18
A Keiller   92v2 91v7 183v9
K Nangle   88v3 85v5 173v8
D Keiller   66v1 90v4 156v5
D Squires   64v3 68v4 132v7

Club Shoot 30th June

Total of 13 members shot the Club short range shoot on 30th June. Despite reports from those travelling from north, south and west of gale force winds on the way, Jubilee Range was relatively calm, but what wind there was proved rapidly changing and not easy to read for TR shooters not coming from Dulnain Bridge. The forecast rain held off until the start of detail 2 at 600, and lasted only 5 minutes.

Many thanks to all who helped with the various tasks.

Getting started on firing points 6,5 and 4 at 400. There's a token TR shooter in there somewhere.
Buzzard's eye view of firing points 1 & 2 at 400yds

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    400 500 600 Day Total
K MacDonald   73v7 75v13 75v10 223v30
A Hay   73v7 72v5 63v3` 208v15
S Hayton   69v6 70v7 69v1 208v14
K Baxby   66v4 70v5 70v6 206v15
J McRae   66v4 69v4 69v4 204v12
R Thomson   75v7 72v4 70v3 216v14
R Robertson   74v6 71v5 69v2 214v13
M Barton   73v12 75v12 75v9 223v33
P Burbridge   75v11 74v8 74v9 223v28
P McLaughlin   74v3 74v10 73v8 221v21
K Nangle   68v3 70v6 70v6 208v15
G Hogston   69v2 72v7 64v3 205v12

Club Shoot 7th July

8 members and two visitors turned out on the best day of the year so far for the annual humiliation of shooting on a 300m ISSF display from 400 yards. Kenny MacDonald won for the second year running by a large margin. Tie-breaking X counts were discarded due to the confusion caused by scores of 10 showing on the monitors as X and scores of X showing as *. This was not a problem with 53 points between first and second in TR.

Presumably the council works department squad- one shooting, two watching.
Summer at last! Pete Dingle tops up his vitamin D level.

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TR(ex 600)    
K MacDonald   554
K Baxby   501
Mrs W Thomas   492
S Thomas   448
J McRae   441
F (standard FC scoring- ex 300)    
D Rhouma   243v6
J McCall   230v9
P MacLaughlin   226v5
F/TR (ex 600)    
P Burbridge   575
P Dingle   543

Club Shoot 11th August

23 members and 4 guests had a day of very mixed weather on 11th August. Heavy rain alternated with blue sky and wind varied from tricky to absent. Scores were not helped by the absence of flags at 400 and 500. We got some up for 600 yards where we shot an extra 5 shots for the postal match against Australia. Results of that match will be on the site when we hear from the Australians.

    400 500 600 Day Total
K MacDonald   75v14 73v8 75v11 223v33
J McRae   71v9 74v5 71v9 218v23
K Baxby   73v8 71v5 71v4 215v17
E Jones   72v4 73v7 67v4 212v15
M Ozmond   74v5 71v4 66v4 211v13
W Kilmartin   67v6 71v2 70v5 208v13
N MacDonald   71v4 67v4 67v2 206v10
Mrs W Thomas   70V5 65V4 69V1 204V10
J MacDonald   66v4 65v1 66v3 197v8
M Bisset   60v1 69v3 65v2 194v6
P Burbridge   74v12 75v4 75v11 224v37
M Barton   75v13 75v9 73v7 223v29
A Mabon   73v9 73v8 73v10 219v27
J Milner   74v11 72v7 72v10 218v28
P McLaughlin   74v9 73v9 71v9 218v27
K Nangle   73v7 72v5 71v5 216v17
G Hogston   73v7 68v5 67v5 208v17
P Dingle   63v4 69v3 74v11 206v18
R Robertson   74v6 65v2 65v3 204v11
D Rhouma   70v5 64v3 57v2 191v10

Club Shoot 1st September

16 club members and one guest turned out on a dull, blustery, but dry day suggesting the arrival of autumn is imminent.

    400 500 600 Day Total
K MacDonald   75v7 72v6 74v9 221v22
E Jones   70v7 73v8 71v6 214v21
J Potter   73v10 71v5 69v5 213v20
J McRae   73v8 73v7 63v1 209v16
A Hay   73v10 68v4 67v3 208v17
J MacDonald   65v2 68v5 68v3 201v10
W Kilmartin   66v4 62v1 69v3 197v8
M Bissett (guest) 62v1 66v4 61v3 189v8
S Thomas   60v2 63v3 62v3 185v8
R Robertson   68v3 70v1 66v1 204v5
A Mabon   72v6 75v12 72v3 219v21
P McLaughlin   75v12 71v6 72v3 218v21
M Barton   74v9 71v4 71v8 216v21
J Milner   74v9 71v4 71v7 216v20
J McCall   72v7 70v5 64v5 206v17
P Burbridge   67v4 70v4 67v4 204v12
J Morrison   70v9 59v3 73v11 202v23

Murray Cup 15th September

The forecast of appalling weather, and a competing event at Diggle, resulted in a very low turnout for the Murray Cup competition. Six members who had stayed overnight in Blair Atholl after the East of Scotland Open were joined by four who had " interesting" journeys on the day. To our surprise there was dead calm when we arrived. By 0930 we had a little gentle breeze for 500. We moved back to 600 and had just a little more breeze, but after that decided not to move to 900 but to shoot 600 again as the forecast was for the wind to triple in strength about noon, and we detectedd the first signs of that. As soon as we had made the decision the sky became blue, the sun shone and the wind disappeared, but we stuck to our guns and were glad we had done so. Halfway through the second shoot at 600 it became very stormy with poor visibility. Considering the forecast we were very lucky indeed. The competition was close with only two Vs separating the top two in TR and three Vs likewise in F/TR.

Kenny Macdonald, Murray Cup Winner 2013.
Mike Barton, F/TR Quaich
  500 600 600 Total
K MacDonald   74v11 75v10 72v7 221v28
T Kidner   75v9 74v8 72v9 221v26
J Potter   75v12 71v7 71v7 217v26
E Jones   75v7 73v7 67v4 215v18
K Baxby   70v4 73v7 635v 203v14
M Barton   75v13 75v12 74v13 224v38
P Burbridge   75v11 75v14 74v10 224v35
P Dingle   75v10 71v2 66v6 212v19
J Morrison   75v13 66v2 62v4` 203v19
J McRae   67v5 74v8 62v3 203v16
F Class   No entrants    

Club Trophies 2013

Kenny Macdonald, Munro Broadsword
Peter Dingle, Nicholl Cup
Butter Cup-best two shoots at 400yds: HPS 150
K MacDonald   150v21        
K Baxby   147v18        
A Hay   146v17        
Christie Bowl-best two shoots at 500 and 600yds: HPS 300
K MacDonald   298v42        
J McRae   287v25        
K Baxby   285v24        
Norwich Union Trophy-best shoot at 900 and at 1000yds: HPS 200
K MacDonald   195v19        
S Glen   184v15        
J MacDonald   180v10        
The Munro Broadsword- TR through the ranges: HPS 425
K MacDonald   420v57        
S Glen   406v46        
J McRae   405v30        
The SD Nicoll Handicap trophy
P Dingle            
"That Grotesque Tankard"-F/TR through the ranges: HPS 425
P Crosbie   423v69        
P Burbridge   422v62        
M Barton   418v55        
F Open            
Seann a Bhalaith Athaill- F Open through the ranges: HPS 425
P Sandie   408v21        
H Inglis   387v22        

Club Shoot 29th Sept

21 members attended the club’s final long range shoot of the season which was not a shoot counting towards trophies. 14 members returned scorecards although not all had a complete 2+20 for the two distances and for some new members it was their first long range shoot. For some others there was a bit of experimentation taking place including one member confirming that the start of cataracts is seriously detrimental to his 1000 yard scores.

    900 1000 Day Total
K MacDonald   97v10 95v8 192v18
R Scott   96v10 95v10 191v20
M Barton   97v10 87v3 184v13
P Dingle   91v7 83v4 174v11
P Costello   79v1 87v1 166v2
M Bissett   89v2 75v1 164v3
S Thomas   64v2 79v2 153v4
R Thomson   90v5 86v2 176v7
R Gow   87v2 82v1 169v3
P Burbridge   99v13 97v12 196v25
M Guest   98v10 92v8 190v18
K Nangle   95v10 92v3 187v13
J Morrison   74v2 95v4 169v6
J Milner   98v10   98v10

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