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Mini-shoot and range de-rig and closedown Oct 11th

We had a very good turn-out for the last event of the year, including some new and probationary members, three members who did not shoot but arrived as shooting finished to help with the work (thanks Gerry, Jim and Des) and three St Andrews students who hired a target and kindly stayed on to provide young muscle.

We started the day by presenting Kenny MacDonald with his trophies as he may not get to the AGM on 29 November, where we hope to have another good turn-out.

Keith Baxby
WARC chairman

Kenny won the Munro Broadsword for TR through the ranges, as well as the Butter Cup ( 400yds), the Christie Rose-Bowl ( 500 and 600yds) and the A Smith trophy (Tullibardine and Murray Cup)
Looking at it won't get it done...
Loading up the trailer for transport to Bankfoot
New member Sean Maher doing his bit on the mantlet by removing recalcitrant screws form the tarpaulin supports (he has advised lubrication before re-insertion next spring)

Law Commission Study into Firearms Law

The NRA Response

Club Shoot 900yds/1000yds 27th September


When 15 members and a guest arrived at Jubilee Range to shoot 900 and 1000yds for the last Club shoot of the season there was perfect light and not a breath of wind. It should have been "possibles all round" -at least for those who could shoot through clouds of midges. During the lunch break the wind rose to dispel the midges and the good scores, rising and falling rapidly and swinging from 3 right to 1 1/2 left.

Many thanks to Des who was Duty Member and ran the day very effectively as well as doing armoury duty at both ends of the day and almost all the RCO duty.

On 11 Oct we shall have a shoot at 500yds then dismount the targets, prepare them for transport off-site and close down the range for the winter. Please let us have a good turn-out from able-bodied members to share the load.

The AGM will be on Sunday 29 November. This will be members' chance to have a say in the running of the club, to elect a new Hon Sec and Chair, and elect or re-elect the Treasurer, Vice-chairman and committee. Let us also have a good attendance for that.

Keith Baxby
WARC chairman

Jubilee Range in early autumn; a rare event with not a flag- or even a blade of grass- moving.

Murray Cup 13th September


The severe weather at the East of Scotland Open on Saturday smashed four of our 5/600 faces so the 15 members and a visitor shot 2+15 at 400 and 2+15 twice at 900, instead of the planned 2+15 at 400, 500 and 900 yds. The day stayed dry with only a gentle breeze. Thanks to John Potter who ran a well-organised day, and to those who closed down the range.

East of Scotland Open

Weather was very poor - rained all day with strong winds which blew the faces off the targets so there were major delays. Consequently the shoot was abandoned after 500yds.



Majority of the winning team

The match was held on a glorious sunny day, with a tricky wind at times but welcome to keep away the midges. This year for the first time, the match was 2 + 15 at 500 and 600 after a 500 yard practice. Two teams of ten competed and the best six from 10 formed the team.

West Atholl won the match, five points ahead of West of Scotland after 500, but only one point ahead after 600 was added.

West Atholl total 863.78v ex 900. 500 yards total 432.39v, 600 yards total 431.39v
West of Scotland 862.83v ex 900. 500 yards total 427.39v, 600 yards total 435.44v

High scorer in the West Atholl team was Tim Kidner with 150.21v Claire Halleran was WofS high scorer with 146.12v (75.7 at 600 yards)

Club Shoot 400/500/600yds 30th August


Twenty members and five other shooters attended a fine day with excellent visibility and a light but testing breeze. The first detail at 400 yards was particularly difficult for the pair shooting on target 5, the next pair wisely chose to select the ‘NRA 400 yard target’ option on the monitor!

Tullibardine (Tayside) Open


Scotland Target Rifle Shooter Angus McLeod included in Winning GB Palma Match Team

GB Team with Record Score +79 points!

Palma Results

Club Shoot 900/1000yds 9th August


Walther was setting up a rifle, not shooting for score. Having encouraged Claire to a very good score at 900 he prepares to do the same at 1000. I thought it better not to enquire about the purpose of the belt.

Twenty-one members and visitors attended the Club long range shoot on 9 August, with 17 shooting for scores. The day stayed dry until the last 15 minutes. Wind from behind was gentle at 900 and a little more tricky at 1000. Thanks to those who set up and closed down and especially to Mark Guest who did armoury duty at each end of the day as well as being duty member and running the day smoothly: also to Kenny and John McR. who fixed the double fault in the sanitary facilities.

Inverness Open


Mike Baillie-Hamilton wins the 2015 Match Rifle Hopton Grand Agg. by 5 points


An accident on 4th July 2015 at Bisley, fortunately resulting in only minor injury, has highlighted a safety issue.

NRA Safety Notice

Range Work day 4th July

Seven members turned out on a very wet work day. We re-sited the Gilbert's bridge flagpole and Rangers' notice and Hugh felled the saplings at the 500 point which were obscuring one wind flag. Jim McCall spent some time fixing the unstable flagstones which have been wobbling disconcertingly during changing target faces. The main work was to fill in the deep depressions in the butt-stop aggregate behind each target. This was a very heavy job which took 95% of the effort.

Many thanks to the hard working squad of John Gaskell, Andy Hay, Hugh Inglis, Jim McCall, Alan Manson and Sean Thomas.

The remaining tasks of creosoting the toilet and painting the green metal target frames were cancelled due to the weather. Everything needed for those straightforward tasks remains in Baithna and if the rest of the membership wish to do those jobs at times to suit themselves would they please contact me to be told how to gain access.

Keith Baxby

WARC chairman

It took five men three hours of almost non-stop shovelling to fill in the butt-stop "holes".
Fixing a new aggregate-retaining board.
Jim McCall fixing wobbly flagstones.

Club Shoot 28th June


Twenty-six members and one Visitor turned out on the nearest available date to the 70th Anniversary of the first shoot of West Atholl Home Guard Rifle Club. We shot the usual 2+15 at 4, 5 and 600yds for the Club shoot and added five rounds at 600 for the anniversary trophies, concurrent with the postal match against our sister club in Perth, Australia. Despite heavy rain early in the morning as most of us were leaving home, we shot in dry sunny weather apart from a delay as we started 600 due to a short torrential downpour which obscured the targets. Most of us stayed on for an excellent tea at the Atholl Arms. Here's to the next 70 years !

70th Anniversary Shoot
70th Anniversary commemorative cloth badge
Tullibardine Open Meeting
15th/16th August
Entry Form
SRA Long Range Open Results
Crosses Team Shoot - West Atholl v Cawdor
Jim McCall getting everyone started at 900yds
SRA Scottish Open Results

Pentagonal & Finlux Team Shoots 24th May


Club Shoot 10th May


Thirteen members and one visitor attended the second short range shoot and inconsiderately, the weather obeyed the forecast of light to heavy rain for most of the day.

West of Scotland Open


Club Shoot 19th April


Twenty six members, a guest and a visitor turned out for the first long range shoot of the year and were joined at 1000yds by 3 further NRCS members plus grandson. Glen Tilt was beginning to shed its winter garb after several days of superb weather. The sun shone all day but, as the red flag shows, the wind was far fresher than the forecast 4mph. Several rapid rises and falls caused trouble, especially at 1000yds, to the extent that only 18 score cards were considered fit to hand in.

A fine Spring day for a long range shoot

Changes to MOD Handbook of Defence Land Ranges Safety - March 2015

Brief to Clubs

Joint Service Publication 403 (JSP403) is a four-volume MoD publication, available online. Vol 1 deals with the regulations and procedures for military ranges, Vol 2 with the design and construction of ranges. These contain most of the material relevant to civilian rifle clubs. Vol 1 has been reviewed over the past year or so, and MoD were kind enough to invite the NRA to participate in the review, as a result of which some significant changes have been made in the way that civilian shooters gain access to and operate on military ranges.

Although as a club we do not use MOD ranges we do have members who do so as members of other clubs, and some of the material - especially as referred to on p8- of the Brief is relevant to WARC.

Keith Baxby

Targets Installed for new 2015 Season

Targets installed and tested Saturday 28th March

In spite of a rather dire weather forecast, the day was largely dry; by the time the targets arrived the rain had moved on and the scheduled severe wind had decided that the Dundee area was a more suitable recipient of its efforts.

On behalf of the members of the Club, and other range users, I would like to thank those who volunteered to assist in loading the targets at Crieff, transporting and installing them at Glen Tilt:

Des Parr, James Bell, Bobby Robertson, Jim McCall, John Potter, Robert Thompson, Mike Ozmond, John Macdonald, Bill Kilmartin, Sean Thomas, Doug Keiller and brother in law Ian McFaddyen, Angus Keiller.

My thanks also to the five other members who also volunteered, but were stood down as we had sufficient effort already committed.

Mike Barton

New Firearms Licencing Fees from 6th April 2015

The Government has announced its agreement for the firearms licensing fees administered by the police to be increased in-line with the proposals set out in the public consultation document of November/December 2014.

The new fees come into effect from 6th April 2015.

Target repairs

Having stripped the targets of most of their rubber and transported them to warm, dry premises near Crieff, we recently began the task of re-rubbering them. The first job was to remove the staples -about 220 per target- and the remaining rubber fragments.

Many thanks to the squad who did this: Jeremy Gaywood, Bill Kilmartin, Jim McCall, Des Parr, Bobby Robertson and Paul Sandie (and WARC chairman, who made the tea)

Starting the job: 5 staples out, 1,315 to go
Lunchtime: while some of us made do with a sandwich from the Crieff filling station, Jeremy Gaywood raised the tone with his Glyndebourne pic-nic basket - but nearly lost the foie gras to a passing labrador.
Re-starting after lunch: three down, three to go.
The results of a day's work by seven men.

Chairman's Letter 2014 AGM (members area)

NRA Range Conducting Officer - Status

NRA RCO qualification lasts for 6 years after last renewal/successful course completion.

If you have a NRA RCO card then please check it to ensure it is still valid. There is only a certain amount of grace period for renewal. Otherwise the full course will have to be completed again.

The relevant NRA web page is here for course details. The RCO renewal form (2013) is here.

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