Crosses Inter-Club Team Shoot - West Atholl v Cawdor

Jubilee Range - 14th June 2015


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24 members from both clubs shot this annual event which has alternated between the two ranges since 1974. The weather was warm and sunny with excellent light and enough wind to make interesting shooting, especially at 900 yds.

Thanks to all who turned out to support the Club, particularly to those who helped set up and close down the range, and especially to Jim McCall, duty member for the day, who did almost all the RCO duty and ran the day so efficiently that we were half an hour early for tea and prize-giving at the Bridge of Tilt Hotel.

Despite an outbreak of cross- shooting in the WARC camp we won both TR and F/TR competitions by a good margin.

Jim McCall getting everyone started at 900Yds

SRA Crosses for TR:
Gold - Kenny MacDonald
Silver - Mark Joyce
Bronze - Julia Adamson

SRA Badges for F/TR:
J Kettle, J Milner & P McLaughlin

Julia Adamson receives XXX Silver Medal
Kenny McDonald accepts Team Trophy for West Atholl
John Milner receives TRF Trophy

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WARC TR 500 600 900 Total
K McDonald 71v6 75v3 74v9 220v18
J Adamson 72v7 71v7 73v6 216v20
M Barton 71v8 71v6 72v8 214v22
A Mabon 74v10 71v5 68v6 213v21
K Baxby 70v9 74v9 68v7 212v25
J Potter 69v1 70v5 70v2 209v8
(A Hay) (71v5) (72v10) (64v3) (207v18)
CAWDOR TR        
M Joyce 74v9 72v8 73v7 219v24
W vanStipriaan 71v4 70v6 70v5 211v15
P Dingle 71v9 67v2 71v5 209v16
A Bochel 69v3 64v2 63v4 196v9
D Smith 63v2 65v3 64v1 192v6
J McRae 58v0 58v0 61v1 177v1
    TEAM TOTAL 1204v71
WARC F/TR        
J Milner 74v10 74v13 75v10 223v33
PMcLaughlin 75v9 73v6 74v9 222v24
R Kirton 71v6 66v3 72v4 209v13
J McCall 69v2 73v0 67v4 209v6
(J Manson) (73v6) (64v1) (68v5) (205v12)
(G Hogston) (69v6) (70v9) (60v9) (199v24)
CAWDOR F/TR        
J Kettle 75v14 72v5 73v9 220v28
G Miller 74V10 70V10 72V7 216V27
G Dunlop 72v8 71v4 60v2 203v14
J Ibbetson 72v6 71v5 34v1 177v12
    TEAM TOTAL 816v81

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