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Club Results for 5th April

Twenty-two members and three visitors attended the season opener on a sunny and warm spring Sunday. The light right wind strengthened slightly during the day and by the start of the 600yds yards shoot was fishtailing left and right.

TR 400yds 500yds 600yds Agg
Mike Barton 74 v8 73 v11 74 v7 221 v26
Kenny Macdonald 72 v8 73 v2 74 v8 219 v18
Tim Kidner 73 v9 73 v5 73 v4 219 v18
Ron Scaglione 75 v12 71 v10 72 v9 218 v40
Alan Mabon 74 v10 71 v5 72 v5 218 v20
John Macdonald 71 v5 71 v11 67 v2 209 v18
Eddie Jones 73 v9 69 v6 64 v4 206 v19
Wendy Thomas 65 v1 70 v7 62 v3 197 v11
Sean Thomas 64 v1 66 v2 60 v1 190 v4
F Open                
Robert Thomson 74 v6 74 v10 75 v8 223 v24
Alan Manson (V) 74 v10 71 v5 72 v5 217 v20
Paul Sandie 73 v5 72 v7 69 v4 214 v16
Hugh Inglis 73 v5 71 v7 67 v1 211 v13
Robin Gow 69 v3 68 v3 68 v6 205 v12
Chris Bell (V) 67 v4 62 v2 64 v2 193 v8
Bobby Robertson     75 v7 69 v4 144 v11
Paul Crosbie 74 v10 74 v7 70 v3 218 v20
Pat McLaughlin 70 v5 65 v1 66 v3 201 v9
Club FTR (TR target)
Gerry Hogston 63 v2 72 v9 73 v5 208 v16
Ed Rogers 73 v7 74 v8     147 v15

Club Results for 19th April

Twenty six members, a guest and a visitor turned out for the first long range shoot of the year and were joined at 1000yds by 3 further NRCS members plus grandson. Glen Tilt was beginning to shed its winter garb after several days of superb weather. The sun shone all day but, as the red flag shows, the wind was far fresher than the forecast 4mph. Several rapid rises and falls caused trouble, especially at 1000yds, to the extent that only 18 score cards were considered fit to hand in.

A fine Spring day for a long range shoot
TR 900 1000 Day Total
K Baxby 99v13 87v6 186v19
J Potter 95v8 91v5 186v13
M Barton 93v5 92v7 185v12
W van Stipriaan 94v7 85v1 179v8
N MacDonald 82v2 81v3 163v5
M Joyce 86v4 75v1 161v5
J MacDonald 90v2 70v1 160v3
W Kilmartin 72v5 84v3 156v8
A Mabon NSR 93v7 93v7
A Manson 93v4 90v4 183v8
R Thomson 92v4 89v4 181v8
H Inglis 90v4 91v3 181v7
P Sandie 93v4 88v2 181v6
R Gow 94v4 84v1 178v5
Club FTR( TR target)      
J Gaskell 99v10 88v4 187v14
J McCall 92v7 88v6 180v13
International FTR (F class target)      
P Crosbie 92v5 84v3 176v8
P MacLaughlin 82v2 60v0 142v2

Club Results for 10th May

Thirteen members and one visitor attended the second short range shoot and inconsiderately, the weather obeyed the forecast of light to heavy rain for most of the day.

TR 400yds 500yds 600yds Agg
Kenny Macdonald 75 v11 74 v11 73 v10 222 v32
Mike Barton 67 v3 75 v9 73 v6 215 v18
Ron Scaglione 72 v7 72 v9 70 v6 214 v22
Alan Mabon 71 v9 71 v5 67 v5 209 v19
Niall Macdonald 68 v4 66 v6 67 v4 201 v14
John Macdonald 67 v2 67 v5 65 v3 199 v10
John McRae 70 v4 67 v1 60 v4 197 v9
Vlad Vyshemirsky 62 v2 66 v6 63 v1 191 v9
Paul Crosbie 72 v7 68 v3 70 v2 210 v12
John Milner 68 v3 68 v6 68 v3 204 v12
David Ogilvie (V) 68 v3 64 v2 61 v3 193 v8
John Gaskell 65 v0 67 v5 58 v0 190 v5
Alan Manson 64 v4 67 v1 56 v0 187 v5

Club Results for 28th June

Twenty-six members and one Visitor turned out on the nearest available date to the 70th Anniversary of the first shoot of West Atholl Home Guard Rifle Club. We shot the usual 2+15 at 4, 5 and 600 for the Club shoot and added five rounds at 600 for the anniversary trophies, concurrent with the postal match against our sister club in Perth, Australia. Despite heavy rain early in the morning as most of us were leaving home, we shot in dry sunny weather apart from a delay as we started 600 due to a short torrential downpour which obscured the targets. Most of us stayed on for an excellent tea at the Atholl Arms. Here's to the next 70 years !

    400yds 500yds 600yds Day Total
K MacDonald   74v14 75v13 75v11 224v38
RG Scott   73v7 74v9 74v11 221v27
K Baxby   73v11 74v8 74v7 221v26
TL Kidner   74v10 74v13 71v4 219v27
W van Stipriaan   73v6 72v4 73v6 218v16
J Potter   70v5 72v10 74v8 216v23
M Barton   71v6 72v8 73v6 216v20
P Glen   73v7 70v4 73v7 216v18
Miss C Halleran   69v7 74v8 72v10 215v25
A Mabon   71v9 72v6 71v5 214v20
P Dingle   73v5 70v6 69v3 212v14
A Hay   71v6 71v5 69v5 211v17
N MacDonald   71v7 71v3 67v2 209v12
D Gow   65v5 69v2 66v1 200v7
W Kilmartin   69v6 64v5 59v1 192v12
V Vyshemirsky   61v3 60v2 65v2 186v7
J MacRae .303 34v0 58v1 59v1 151v2
Club TRF (TR target)
G Hogston   70v5 73v7 70v4 213v16
International TRF (F class target)
P Crosbie   73v10 75v9 72v5 220v24
P MacLaughlin   71v3 73v5 69v1 213v9
A Manson   64v1 59v0 58v2 181v3
F Class          
H Inglis   71v4 73v2 69v3 213v9
Results for 70th Anniversary Shoot

Club Results for 300m @ 400yds 5th July
Winner of 300m @ 400yds - Kenny MacDonald

Eleven members turned up for the annual humiliation of shooting from 400yds with a 300m ISSF target display. Apart from a very short downpour as we started, the weather was fine and warm for the whole shoot.

The F CLass and F/TR trophies have gone walkabout so only the TR trophy- which has a permanent safe home in Dulnain Bridge- could be presented.

  1st 20 2nd 20 3rd 20 Total ex 600
K MacDonald 188x1 190x5 188x1 566x7
K Baxby 191x5 191x3 173x3 555x11
Mrs W Thomas 172x2 171x0 170x1 513x3
A Ozmond 166x0 165x1 171x0 502x1
M Ozmond 158x3 149x1 168x1 475x8
J MacRae 168x2 151x0 172x0 491x2
W Kilmartin 175x2 170x2 no shoot 345x4
S Thomas 160x1 no shoot no shoot 160x1
M Guest 190x2 183x2 191x3 564x7
S Duncan 179x2 178x2 188x2 545x6
F Class        
R Robertson 197x8 194x8 199x12 590x28

Club Results for 900/1000yds 9th August
Walther was setting up a rifle, not shooting for score. Having encouraged Claire to a very good score at 900 he prepares to do the same at 1000. I thought it better not to enquire about the purpose of the belt.

Twenty-one members and visitors attended the Club long range shoot on 9 August, with 17 shooting for scores. The day stayed dry until the last 15 minutes. Wind from behind was gentle at 900 and a little more tricky at 1000. Thanks to those who set up and closed down and especially to Mark Guest who did armoury duty at each end of the day as well as being duty member and running the day smoothly: also to Kenny and John McR. who fixed the double fault in the sanitary facilities. Keith Baxby

  900yds 1000yds Day Total
K Baxby 97v8 98v7 195v15
K MacDonald 100v12 94v4 194v16
Miss C Halleran 99v11 91v5 190v16
W Kilmartin 93v4 90v4 183v8
V Vyshemirsky 85v3 78v4 163v7
J MacRae 88v4 75v2 163v6
P Sandie 98v4 91v4 189v8
G Taylor 99v10 89v3 188v13
K Johnstone 88v2 89v6 177v8
A Manson 88v3 84v4 172v7
R Gow 64v4 78v2 142v4
Club F/TR ( TR target)
J McCall 92v8 93v6 185v14
E Rogers 93v7 90v7 183v14
J Gaskell 94v7 80v0 174v7
International F/TR (F class target)
P McLaughlin 90v2 72v1 162v3
M Guest 81v2 75v2 156v4
R Kirton 70v1 69v1 139v2

Club Results for 400/500/600yds 30th August

Twenty members and five other shooters attended a fine day with excellent visibility and a light but testing breeze. The first detail at 400 yards was particularly difficult for the pair shooting on target 5, the next pair wisely chose to select the ‘NRA 400 yard target’ option on the monitor!

TR 400yds 500yds 600yds Agg
M Barton 75 v6 74 v10 74 v5 223 v21
K Macdonald 74 v12 74 v7 73 v7 221 v26
W van Stipriaan 74 v8 72 v8 74 v7 220 v23
Miss C Halleran 71 v9 73 v10 75 v13 219 v32
J Potter 69 v5 73 v10 69 v2 211 v17
R Scaglione 69 v6 73 v7 71 v6 213 v19
J Macdonald 68 v4 70 v5 70 v7 208 v16
A Hay 70 v5 69 v5 66 v3 205 v13
A Mabon 70 v4 73 v2 70 v4 213 v10
J Rankin (v) 54 v1 65 v1 69 v4 188 v5
J Macrae 69 v4 67 v4 62 v1 198 v9
F Open                
Paul Sandie 75 v10 74 v6 75 v5 224 v21
R Robertson 74 v8 72 v7 72 v4 218 v19
R Thomson 64 v3 70 v4 66 v5 200 v12
D Rhouma 59 v3 65 v2 66 v2 190 v7
P Crosbie 75 v9 71 v3 71 v8 217 v20
P McLaughlin 71 v4 72 v7 69 v5 212 v16
J Milner 70 v4 68 v6 71 v4 209 v14
P Binns (v) 64 v3 63 v1 67 v4 194 v8
W van Stripriaan 68 v4 70 v3 49 v2 187 v9
R McAndrew (v) 62 v3 64 v3 61 v2 187 v8
Club FTR                
R Shaw (g) 72 v6 73 v6 74 v9 219 v21
E Rogers 67 v4 75 v12 70 v4 212 v20
Gerry Hogston 64 v2 72 v5 72 v6 208 v13
P Dingle 69 v9 70 v5 68 v5 207 v19
Murray Cup Results 13th September

The severe weather at the East of Scotland Open on Saturday smashed four of our 5/600 faces so the 15 members and a visitor shot 2+15 at 400 and 2+15 twice at 900, instead of the planned 2+15 at 400, 500 and 900 yds. The day stayed dry with only a gentle breeze. Thanks to John Potter who ran a well-organised day, and to those who closed down the range.

Matthew Stewart won the Murray Cup shooting TR
Peter Burbridge won the FTR competition
  400yds 900yds 900yds Day Total
M Stewart 74v10 73v4 74v11 221v25
Miss C Halleran 74v9 72v6 74v9 220v24
M Barton 74v8 73v5 73v5 220v18
J Potter 74v11 73v11 70v6 217v28
K MacDonald 73v8 71v6 73v9 217v23
K Baxby *(V.9 on wrong target!) 74v9 68v4* 75v8 217v21
A Mabon 73v5 70v4 69v7 212v16
J McRae 73v7 63v3 66v4 202v14
J MacDonald 63v3 68v4 67v5 198v12
J Rankin(V) 70v7 62v3 64v3 196v13
A Hay 69v7 62v4 62v5 193v16
D Gow 68v5 61v3 64v3 193v11
Club F/TR( TR target)        
P Burbridge 74v11 75v13 73v6 222v30
R Shaw 69v6 68v7 71v5 208v18
P Dingle 70v4 68v3 68v6 207v13
F Class        
R Gow 74v8 73v6 71v4 218v18

Cup Results 27th September

When 15 members and a guest arrived at Jubilee Range to shoot 900 and 1000yds for the last Club shoot of the season there was perfect light and not a breath of wind. It should have been "possibles all round" -at least for those who could shoot through clouds of midges. During the lunch break the wind rose to dispel the midges and the good scores, rising and falling rapidly and swinging from 3 right to 1 1/2 left.

Many thanks to Des who was Duty Member and ran the day very effectively as well as doing armoury duty at both ends of the day and almost all the RCO duty.

On 11 Oct we shall have a shoot at 500yds then dismount the targets, prepare them for transport off-site and close down the range for the winter. Please let us have a good turn-out from able-bodied members to share the load.

The AGM will be on Sunday 29 November. This will be members' chance to have a say in the running of the club, to elect a new Hon Sec and Chair, and elect or re-elect the Treasurer, Vice-chairman and committee. Let us also have a good attendance for that.

Keith Baxby
WARC chairman

Jubilee Range in early autumn; a rare event with not a flag- or even a blade of grass- moving.
    900yds 1000yds Day Total
M Barton   99v13 94v9 193v22
K Baxby   99v14 94v5 193v19
W van Stipriaan   98v8 93v6 191v14
R Scaglione   99v10 89v3 188v13
W Kilmartin   97v11 86v3 183v14
J Rankin(PM)   89v3 75v1 164v4
R Thomson   98v10 93v5 191v15
R Gow   93v10 94v3 187v13
R Andrew (V)   93v4 85v3 178v7
Club F/TR( TR target)
E Rogers (PM)   99v11 95v7 194v18
R Shaw   90v5 86v5 176v10
J McCall   94v7 81v4 175v11

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