Interested in Full-Bore Target Rifle Shooting as a sport?

Then there will no doubt be a few questions you would like to ask. Here are some of the more common ones along with the answers.

What is Full-Bore Target Rifle Shooting?

Target Rifle (TR) shooting from 200 to 1,000yds with a rifle of calibre .308Win (7.62mm NATO), .223Rem (5.56mm NATO) or .303 British. The rifles are of single shot bolt action type with sights made up of a foresight element (a small ring or post) and an adjustable peephole type rearsight. Telescopic sights are not permitted in ‘Target Rifle (TR) Shooting’.

Are there any other types of target shooting at the Range?

Yes, there are other classes of shooting:-

F Class

The F stands for the name George Farquharson who developed this discipline in Canada in the 90's. F Class permits any calibre up to 8mm and permits telescopic rifle sights and front supporting stands.


This class, intended for those with a standard calibre Target Rifle (TR) rifle with the addition of telescopic sights and front support.

Match Rifle

A separate discipline run by the National Rifle Club of Scotland using only .308Win shot at distances from 1,000 to 1,200yds.

May I use my stalking/sporting rifle and ammunition with the club?

Due to the number of rounds shot and the distances the Club shoots, stalking rifles are generally unsuitable for competition use and telescopic sights may not have sufficient elevation adjustment for longer ranges.

The law does not permit expanding ammunition to be used for competition.

What distances are shot at West Atholl Rifle Club Range?

West Atholl Rifle Club conducts TR, F Class and FTR at distances of 400yds, 500yds, 600yds, 900yds and 1,000yds.

Doesn't this calibre of rifle give a big kick?

Not as big as say a shotgun and should not be of any problem to most people including females and teenagers.

Is target shooting safe?

Yes, very safe, statistics bear this out. All shooting on ranges are supervised by a NRA certified Range Conducting Officer (RCO). Certain safety measures are carried out at each stage of the shoot. Safety instruction is given prior to you being permitted to handle equipment.

Where and when does the shooting take place?

West Atholl Rifle Club shoots take place at Jubilee Range Glen Tilt Blair Atholl Perthshire. Shooting normally takes place from March to October.

There is a full Jubilee Rifle Range Programme here.

How do I arrange to visit the Club?

Those who have their own suitable firearm may attend the club and shoot as a Visitor. Those who do not have their own firearm and are personally known to a full member of the club may attend as a guest on specific dates that the Club have notified as ‘guest days’.

Other persons wishing to shoot with the Club will need to contact the Secretary with a view to obtaining probationary membership.

Any non-members wishing to attend a Club shoot must contact the Secretary in advance.

How often are the shoots and which days of the week?

There are usually around ten West Atholl Rifle Club shooting days each season, all on Sundays. Shoots normally at start 10:00 am and finish around 4:30 pm. Participants require to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start time to arrange squadding details and rig the range for use.

Is shooting only carried out at Jubilee Range?

No, other ranges can be visited for both inter-club and individual competitions such as at Cawdor (Inverness) and at Blairadam (Kinross) etc. The UK centre for all forms of Target Shooting is the National Rifle Association (NRA) Bisley (Brookwood, Surrey).

Do I need to buy a rifle to start with?

No, the club has target rifles available for use in .308 and .223 calibres.

Do I need a firearm certificate?

No, not when at the normal club shoots. A firearm certificate is only required to purchase or possess a firearm and/or ammunition.

Without a firearm certificate how do I obtain ammunition?

Ammunition can be purchased from the club at the time of the shoot on the range for the number of shots to be fired on that day only. Your full Club Member 'Minder' will take charge of it on the Range.

Can I take unused ammunition home?

No, not without a valid firearms certificate.

Do I need to buy any equipment as a beginner?

No, club members will be only too pleased to let you use their telescopes etc. if you ask politely and look after them.

Will shooting make me fit?

It won't make you into a springing athlete, but it may help in calming the nerves and go towards more relaxed breathing. Operating the target frames at some of the ranges is good exercise some say, in pushing them up and pulling them down every 45 seconds.

Do I need any special clothing?

As a beginner no special clothing is required other than ear defenders. It is recommended however that weatherproof clothing and footwear (i.e. anorak and wellies) be worn for shooting in wet conditions.

Under what weather conditions is shooting not possible?

Normally when you can't see the target! (fog, low cloud, snow!) or in extremely high wind. Shooting must cease if the danger area is obscured.

What if someone wears glasses?

No problem, many shooters do wear glasses. There are alternatives, special spectacle frames for shooting can be used which improve the angle of the lens in use or a single prescription lens can be fitted to the rearsight.

Can I get any assistance and instruction on how to shoot at meetings?

Yes, the club has some of the most experienced shooters (to National and International Level) around who are only too pleased to give assistance and instruction. Shooting along side top class shots provides for a truly competitive sporting atmosphere.

Do I have to do anything other than shoot during a meeting?

Jubilee range now has the luxury of electronic targets but assistance in setting up the system and placing wind/danger flags would be most appreciated. At ranges that do not have electronic targets it is normal practice to share in the operation and marking of the targets over the day's shoot at local meetings.

How much is the ammunition?

Competitive quality ammunition is about £1.00 per shot. There maybe a choice of ammunition grades at different prices i.e. from about 50p a round. Most shooters reload their own ammunition at home (FAC required) to reduce costs.

How much will it cost for a days shoot other than that for ammunition?

This season (2013) as a visitor or a guest you will be charged £15.00 per meeting to cover range fees, club fees and insurance etc. If you wish to continue shooting after two visits you will be required to join the club. Visit fees paid will go towards membership, which are for this year:

  • Membership - £30.00
  • Active Shooter Levy - £65.00
  • Junior (at school, 16 or under) or those in full time education - £5.00
Can you win anything at Full-Bore shooting?

Yes, most meetings involve some sort of competition for which cups, shields, medals etc. can be won over the season. There are different types of competition such as in Open; Class; Handicap; Scratch; Team; Pairs; Inter-Club etc. Of course there is also the world famous Bisley, and then there can be trips for the top shots to other countries representing Scotland or Great Britain in International matches. TR is a Commonwealth Games event. F Class is now an International sport with visits to the USA and Canada.

Are there any affiliations other than the local club I can join?

Yes, there is the NRA (National Rifle Association) run from Bisley and the SRA (Scottish Rifle Association) which you can join.

How do I obtain a firearms certificate if I wanted one?

You would have to be in regular attendance of club shoots for a period of at least 3 months before applying to the police for a firearms certificate. You will then have to: prove to them that you are a responsible type of person (they will check up with the club and visit you at home); declare what you wish to obtain in the way of firearms/ammunition; declare where they will be stored along with security arrangements and finally; why you wish to acquire them i.e. target rifle shooting with a recognised club. Firearms Laws have to be adhered to by those participating in any form of shooting. Application Forms are only available by visiting a Club Shoot and contacting a Club Official in person.

Full requirement details are included on the Application form.

Need to Know More?

Please contact the Secretary if you have any further queries.

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