Major Alexander John Munro MBE TD

10th September 1916 - 1st September 2016


Alastair Munro
Alastair at 90

We are sad and sorry to tell members that Alastair died just short of his 100th birthday. Alastair was on the committee for 63 years, was chairman for 33 years, was at other times Secretary and Treasurer of the Club, and acted as range warden of Jubilee Range from its opening in 1977 until he had to give up full bore shooting at the age of 93.

Keith Baxby

There is an obituary in the 'Scotsman' newspaper, unfortunately it makes scant mention of Alastair's shooting career and his huge contribution to Scottish smallbore and fullbore shooting, including the establishment of Jubilee range, now the home of Scottish fullbore shooting. Members may like to read it for an appreciation of the rest of his extraordinary life

For the record: His amputation was at Bridge of Earn Perth.

Members who missed Keith Baxby's excellent summary of Alastair's shooting career at the funeral service can read the NRA Winter 2016 Journal which to carrys an obituary.

Link to a special 90th birthday celebration for Alastair in 2006.


This is how most of us will remember Alastair - in charge on the range.

Limited edition print of watercolour by Roger Lee presented to each participant of the 50th Anniversary Commemorative 'Wapinschaw' Sunday 26th June 1994.

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