Murray Cup 2013

The forecast of appalling weather, and a competing event at Diggle, resulted in a very low turnout for the Murray Cup competition. Six members who had stayed overnight in Blair Atholl after the East of Scotland Open were joined by four who had " interesting" journeys on the day. To our surprise there was dead calm when we arrived. By 0930 we had a little gentle breeze for 500. We moved back to 600 and had just a little more breeze, but after that decided not to move to 900 but to shoot 600 again as the forecast was for the wind to triple in strength about noon, and we detectedd the first signs of that. As soon as we had made the decision the sky became blue, the sun shone and the wind disappeared, but we stuck to our guns and were glad we had done so. Halfway through the second shoot at 600 it became very stormy with poor visibility. Considering the forecast we were very lucky indeed. The competition was close with only two Vs separating the top two in TR and three Vs likewise in F/TR.

Kenny Macdonald, Murray Cup Winner 2013.
Mike Barton, F/TR Quaich
  500 600 600 Total
K MacDonald   74v11 75v10 72v7 221v28
T Kidner   75v9 74v8 72v9 221v26
J Potter   75v12 71v7 71v7 217v26
E Jones   75v7 73v7 67v4 215v18
K Baxby   70v4 73v7 635v 203v14
M Barton   75v13 75v12 74v13 224v38
P Burbridge   75v11 75v14 74v10 224v35
P Dingle   75v10 71v2 66v6 212v19
J Morrison   75v13 66v2 62v4` 203v19
J McRae   67v5 74v8 62v3 203v16
F Class   No entrants    

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