Crosses Shoot WARC v Cawdor 2011

31st July

WARC Captain Tim Kidner is congratulated by Cawdor Captain Mark Joyce on retaining the trophy. WARC won by 4 points, despite an outbreak of cross-shooting in the WARC camp. The vice-chairman cross-shot once; the chairman, not to be outdone and wishing to pull rank, cross-shot twice.



WARC hosted a post-match tea at the Bridge of Tilt hotel, attended by most senior member Alastair Munro who will be 95 next month.

  400yds 500yds 600yds Total  
West Atholl          
M.Barton 74v13 74v08 72v05 220v26 Silver Cross
J.Bell 74v08 73v08 71v07 218v23  
R.Scott 69v10 75v07 72v08 216v25  
D.Rowland 72v05 73v04 71v03 216v12  
T.Kidner 74v07 69v02 71v04 214v13  
Team totals 363v43 364v29 357v27 1084v99  
K.MacDonald 73v10 75v09 73v07 221v26 Gold Cross
M.Joyce 75v11 72v05 73v07 220v23 Bronze Cross
P.Dingle 69v05 74v10 72v07 215v22  
J.MacDonald 70v03 68v04 75v09 213v16  
J.McRae 70v08 70v08 71v05 211v21  
Team totals 357v37 359v36 364v35 1080v108  

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