300m @ 400yds 2011

10th May

This competition was shot in superb conditions: warm, sunny, with very little wind most of the time. Shooting from 400 yards using a 300m ISSF display on the monitors proved “challenging”. Tim Kidner was deservedly the winner with Mark Joyce a close second.


Jubilee Range in early April: clear blue sky, gentle breeze, temperature about 15 degrees.


Last man shooting...
Andy Hay hoping to finish before nightfall.

Individual scores ex 150 per detail, 600 total:

TL Kidner 143x6 142x2 145x6 145x2 575x16
M Joyce 145x3 147x0 139x2 137x2 568x7
K Baxby 139x1 137x4 131x0 136x2 543x7
J Potter 134x4 138x3 142x3 126x1 540x11
D Rowland 133x1 136x1 140x0 128x0 537x2
K MacDonald 130x1 129x0 134x1 143x1 536x3
A Hay 143x0 127x0 132x0 122x1 524x1
J MacRae 134x3 128x2 128x0 130x0 520x5
D Gow 120x2 131x3 126x2 NS 377x7
P Burbridge 146x3 146x3 144x4 145x3 581x13


Tim Kidner has his trophy returned.

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