Murray Cup & End of Season Prize List 2011

18th September

Twenty members enjoyed a day of reasonable weather with enough wind to make it interesting, unlike the previous day at the East of Scotland Open where the wet flags hung vertically almost all day.

The target system failed early on due to loss of power to the butts. This was caused by an exhausted battery as a result of: 1.Two full days of use the previous weekend; 2. a full day of use on the previous day; 3. the weather in the intervening 5 days having been very dull; 4. the solar charging panel being shielded from the sun by birch saplings which have grown unnoticed in the past four years. The battery being four years old may not have helped; Huddersfield have to replace theirs frequently. We got going again after some delay. Thanks go to Pete Dingle and his electrical expertise, Peter Burbridge and his saw, David Rowland and his transport and to James Bell who borrowed a battery gratis from the ever-helpful Blair Atholl Garage. The garage are one of our target sponsors; please show appreciation by supporting them when you can (but preferably not by needing your sump repaired).

Working in the butts was less disgusting than it has been recently as the peahen has been removed, so we had to contend with less of the product of her digestive system.

Because of the delay we omitted 400 and shot a further 2+10 at 600 instead of moving back to 900. Most people seemed to enjoy the day despite the problems. This event was the last West Atholl shoot of the season bar the Lochboisdale TR competition on 25th.

I hope everyone winters well, and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the AGM on December 4th.

Keith Baxby
West Atholl chairman

  Butter Cup (best two 400 scores, HPS 150)
  1st John Potter 148v20
  2nd Richard Scott 148v16
  3rd Kenny MacDonald 147v23
  Christie Bowl (best two 500 & 600 scores, HPS 300)
  1st Kenny MacDonald 294v32
  2nd Richard Scott 293v42
  3rd tie John Potter & Keith Baxby 293v32
  Norwich Union (best 900 & 1000 scores, HPS 200)
  1st Tim Kidner 199v31
  2nd Richard Scott 198v24
  3rd Kenny MacDonald 197v21
  Munro Sword (through the ranges, HPS 425)
  1st Richard Scott 421v57
  2nd Kenny MacDonald 420v55
  3rd Tim Kidner 420v54
  SD Nicoll Handicap Trophy
  John MacDonald
  HRA Tankard (through the ranges HPS 425)
  1st Paul Crosbie 425v76
  2nd Peter Burbridge 423v67
  3rd Gerry Hogston 409v40
F Class
  Sean a Bhalaith Atholl (through the ranges HPS 425)
  1st Grant Taylor 418v44
  2nd Paul Sandie 413v38
  3rd Hugh Inglis 412v46
  H Inglis 442v46
  P Sandie 419v38
  D Parr 410v34
A Smith Trophy (Tullibardine GA + Murray Cup)
  Tim Kidner
Jubilee Trophy (NRC of S Open + Murray Cup)
  Tim Kidner
Murray Cup    
  500x 600x 600x Total
TR (2+15) (2+15) (2+10) ex 200
K MacDonald 74v13 75v8 49v6 198v27
T Kidner 74v5 74v12 50v7 198v24
K Pugh 74v10 74v9 49v6 197v25
J Potter 73v7 73v8 50v6 196v21
K Baxby 73v11 74v8 47v6 194v25
E Jones 73v5 71v8 48v7 192v20
J MacDonald 70v5 71v5 49v5 190v15
D Rowland 71v6 71v8 47v6 189v20
J MacRae 73v6 69v5 47v4 189v15
J Kettle 72v10 66v3 48v3 186v16
M Ozmond 66v4 70v6 49v5 185v15
A Macpherson 65v5 69v5 50v7 184v17
A Ozmond 69v4 68v5 46v1 182v10
S Duncan N/R N/R DNS  
P Crosbie 75v15 75v12 50v10 200v37
P Burbridge 75v12 74v12 50v8 199v32
M Barton 75v10 72v9 50v6 197v25
F Class        
P Sandie 69v5 71v4 50v6 190v15
R Gow 69v2 68v2 44v1 181v5
R Thomson 64v3 67v5 48v1 179v9

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