Work Day 24th April 2010

10 members turned out and all scheduled tasks were completed. The 900yd firing point has been fenced off. Users will now be denied the pleasure of returning home with mats, knees, bags and other kit coated with the results of the ovine digestive processes (surely there must be a shorter way of saying that?). Access is via a gate produced by the joinery skills of Jackie Maclean. John Potter restored the toilet water supply from the burn, thus demonstrating the extent of the winter frost damage in the facilities themselves - split pipes etc, all lovingly repaired and restored by Iain Conacher and Jerry Hogston. Extensive scrub which threatened to interfere with sight pictures of target 6 from some firing points was dealt with by Andy "the Copper with the lopper" Hay and John "Sorry I'm late but the A9 was blocked and I had to go round by Ullapool" Macdonald. Everyone helped with renewing the tarpaulin target covers and the remaining tasks in time for a 3pm finish.

Many thanks to those who turned out, and especially to the five who found the A9 blocked at the north end of Perth but resisted the temptation to turn back.

Apologies were received from several members. The trophy for the most exotic excuse goes to Julia Adamson for "I'm stuck in Tanzania because of a volcano in Iceland" (Julia: I may have failed O Level Geography in 1959, but I'm not falling for that). Julia's excuse was well ahead of Mike Barton's mundane "Sorry, too far behind with the grouting" and even Richard Scott's enviable "Pheasant syndicate planning meeting with liquid refreshment" as well as a handful of others so boring and predictable that they might actually have been true.


Clerk of Works Bell supervises John "The Fence" Potter and Bobby "Staples" Robertson.
The start of a very slippery slope: Jim McCall begins repairing toilet steps
Assistant Sanitary Engineer Hogston thinks "What a lot of ballcocks" while Chief Sanitary Engineer Conacher test the facilities from the inside.

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