Imperial Dodgers Charity Invitation Shoot

18th July

17 shooters (14 TR, two TR/F and one F Class) shot on a mostly dry day with straightforward wind at 500 and 600 but a difficult wind at 400. String shooting and decimal scoring were used. Half the proceeds went to Pitlochry Community Hospital and half to The Gurkha Welfare Trust. TR results can be summarised as "Kenny MacDonald won everything".

Shooters and markers trying out the newly levelled and re-turfed 500yd point
  400yds 500yds 600yds QI QII Agg.
  HPS 100.3 HPS 100.3 HPS 100.3 HPS 123.9 HPS 177.0 HPS 300.9
1st K MacDonald 93.0 K MacDonald 90.8 K MacDonald 91.3 K MacDonald 114.2 K MacDonald 160.9 K MacDonald 275.1
2nd P Dingle 90.7 J MacDonald 88.8 K Baxby 89.9 E Jones 113.1 J MacDonald 158.5 J MacDonald 271.9
3rd K MacDonald 89.6 W Lakey 88.5 E Jones 88.9 M McKillop 109.0 K Baxby 157.6 A MacPherson 262.7

The key to the scoring system is that the number to the right of the decimal point is not the number of Vs, it is the sum of the individual shots, which are scored by the system to one decimal place - eg a good inner scores 4.9, a middle of the ring inner would be 4.5, a bad magpie would be 3.0 or 3.1etc and the bull is scored 5.0 to 5.4 then V.5 to V.9 ( V.9 being a dead centre hit and the maximum shot score possible). Vs were not used at all - a V.7 counts as 5.7 etc. So, the max shot score is 5.9 and we shot 17 to count at each distance. Therefore max. score at each distance was 17x5.9 = 100.3, Q1 = 1st 7 shots at each distance = 7x3x5.9 = 123.9, Q11 = last 10 shots at each distance = 3x10x5.9 = 177.0 and the Agg = 3x17x5.9 = 300.9. So that's it all perfectly clear!

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