Imperial Dodgers Shoot 2009

19th July

This was shot in strings and used decimal scoring. The weather stayed dry, but the wind caused some difficulty, especially at 600yds. Mike Ozmond was shooting full bore for the first time this year, but still managed to win at 400, 600, the Q1, Q11 and Aggregate. His shoot at 400 would have given him 84v12 ex 85 in traditional scoring. John MacRae was first at 500. Eddie Jones won the "Always the bridesmaid..." trophy by coming second at 400, 500 and 600, in Q1, Q11 and the Aggregate-a full house.

Many thanks to Sarah Brown for doing the arithmetic and to Mike Ozmond for producing stats. The results summary is below:


Eddie Jones checks ammunition, John MacRae ponders the weather and Adam finds that a pint of gin before shooting steadies the hand..
The cause of much trouble.
Andrew Ozmond prepares to shoot and hopes to emulate Dad.
Shooters in clover at 400
... and how was it for you?
Mike Ozmond did the stats and-guess what? - he won almost everything.


Imperial Dodgers Shoot 19th July 2009
TR QI 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
M Ozmond 38v09 36v06 36v07 110v22
E Jones 39v00 36v06 35v06 110v12
L Bornman 34v03 36v03 36v00 106v06
J MacRae 36v09 35v03 33v06 104v18
R Taylor 33v09 35v06 36v00 104v15
J MacLean 35v01 33v07 34v07 102v15
R Kane 32v01 36v08 33v06 101v15
I Simpson 37v05 30v07 34v02 101v14
A Ozmond 34v02 34v02 33v06 101v10
K Baxby 33v05 35v05 31v09 99v19
W Lakey 32v00 32v04 32v00 96v04
F QI 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
R Robertson 43v00 42v09 33v03 118v12
TR/F QI 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
P Burbridge 39v03 38v04 39v00 116v07
M Park 39v02 38v08 37v08 114v18
A McPherson 38v03 33v02 38v01 109v06
G Hogston 38v01 38v02 29v01 105v04
QUEENS II        
TR QII 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
M Ozmond 54v06 50v09 55v07 159v22
E Jones 53v08 52v02 54v07 159v17
J MacRae 54v02 53v06 51v01 158v09
A Ozmond 53v04 52v01 49v02 154v07
R Taylor 50v00 52v03 50v09 152v12
I Simpson 50v09 48v02 51v07 149v18
K Baxby 50v06 49v06 47v06 146v18
J MacLean 53v03 45v07 48v06 146v16
R Kane 48v06 51v02 45v08 144v16
W Lakey 50v08 49v04 43v06 142v18
L Bornman 47v06 46v09 48v06 141v21
F QII 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
R Robertson 60v00 60v05 54v09 174v14
TR/F QII 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
P Burbridge 55v03 54v06 56v02 165v11
A McPherson 57v01 53v07 54v00 164v08
M Park 54v07 54v06 55v00 163v13
G Hogston 44v08 44v09 52v00 140v17
TR Agg. 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
M Ozmond 92v15 86v15 91v14 269v44
E Jones 92v08 88v08 89v13 269v29
J MacRae 90v11 88v09 84v07 262v27
R Taylor 83v09 87v09 86v09 256v27
A Ozmond 87v06 86v03 82v08 255v17
I Simpson 87v14 78v09 85v09 250v32
J MacLean 88v04 78v14 82v13 248v31
L Bornman 81v09 82v12 84v06 247v27
K Baxby 83v11 84v11 78v15 245v37
R Kane 80v07 87v10 78v14 245v31
W Lakey 82v08 81v08 75v06 238v22
F Agg. 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
R Robertson 103v00 102v14 87v12 292v26
TR/F Agg. 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
P Burbridge 94v06 92v10 95v02 281v18
M Park 93v09 92v14 92v08 277v31
A McPherson 95v04 86v09 92v01 273v14
G Hogston 82v09 82v11 81v01 245v21

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