Course of Fire for Club Shoots 2009

Following decisions made at the last AGM we shall try the following in 2009.

Each Club shoot will be at two distances and at each distance we shall shoot 2+15 twice: 60 counting shots in total, 70 rounds needed to allow for sighters and a couple of spares (new members, visitors etc can, of course, shoot fewer if they wish).

The two sets of 2+15 at each distance will not be shot consecutively. One pair per target will shoot their first 2+15, then another pair will shoot, and so on until everyone has shot their first 2+15, after which the second 2+15 at the same distance will be shot before moving to the second distance.

We decided to abandon the 300m firing point, so the '3/400' Club shoot will be shot as follows: 2+15 twice from the 400yd firing point using a 400yd target display, then 2+15 twice from the same firing point on a 300yd target display.This will be described in the programme as '400/300@400'.

The HPS for the Butter Cup, Christie Rose Bowl, Norwich Union Trophy and Murray Cup will be 300. For the Munro Broadsword, Seann a-Bhalaith Atholl and TR/F Cup the HPS will be 450.

The Murray Cup course of fire will be: 2 + 15 at 4, 5, 6 and 900yds in that order.

The 300m Round Robin competition will be replaced by a 60 shot standard format shoot on a 300m metric (10X) target display at 400yds, with trophies for TR, TR/F and F class.

Until further notice the Club rules for TR/F are:-

  • Max weight of rifle, sights and bipod – 8.25 Kg
  • Calibre .308,.223 or .303
  • Max. Bullet weight in 308, 156 gr. No limit for 223 or 303
  • Front bipod allowed but no other front rest.
  • No rear bag or rest.
  • Minimum trigger pull 1.5Kg
  • Shooting on standard TR target with no white centre.

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