Christmas Shoot 2007

19 shooters turned out for the Christmas shoot on 30th December.

TR, F Class and F/TR were all well represented.There was no wind and the sky was clear blue with only a wisp of cloud, but despite these conditions there was only one possible in each class. The temperature as the first shot was fired was minus 4ºC, rising to a sweltering zeroºC by the end of shooting.

  • Highest scores were:
  •    TR: Kenny MacDonald 75.12; Richard Scott 74.13; Mike Ozmond 73.9
  •    F Class: Stephen Thomson 75.10; Paul Sandie 74.10; Peter Hunt 74.7
  •    TR/F: Ron Scaglione 75.10; Jim McCall 74.9; Peter Burbridge 73.9
TR, F Class and TR/F were all represented
One shooter ponders which of his three batches of ammunition will do best in a temperature of minus 4ºC

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