Crosses Shoot
Cawdor v West Atholl Rifle Club at Cawdor
held 13th May 2006

The day was efficiently organised and run by Derek Newlands. Cawdor retained the trophy, beating WARC by a significant margin. Any connection between this and Cawdor having poached Kenny MacDonald from WARC is pure coincidence.

SRA Crosses were awarded as follows:
Gold- Kenny MacDonald; Silver- Richard Scott; Bronze- Adam MacPherson. F Class Cross- Derek Newlands by 8 points over Paul Crosbie

Cawdor generously awarded spoons to the visiting highest scorers as follows (Kenny was ineligible by virtue of jumping ship): TR-Richard Scott. F Class - Paul Crosbie.

Messrs Potter, Newlands and Crosbie prepare to shoot
The Three Wise Men-organiser Derek Newlands and Captains Jim Kettle and Jim Bell- ponder the order of battle.
Kenny shows his SRA Gold Cross (when asked how many that made, he had no idea as he stopped counting years ago)
Shoot Organiser -
Derek is glad it's over.
Now he'll have time to shave!
Captain of winning Team, Jim Kettle, displays the retained trophy at the tea kindly provided by the host team.
John Potter's hairdresser (in background) picks up his kit after another close encounter.

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