Perth (Scotland) v Perth (Australia)

On 29th May 2005

West Atholl Rifle Club, representing Perth Scotland, fired a postal match against Perth Australia. Unfortunately, Perth Australia could only muster 7 shooters - so we will claim victory non the less as we have not won for some time!

Perth Australia
P Green 99.10
R Wagland 99.10
J Wagland 99.09
C Hope 98.16
  Sub-total 395.45
F Class
B Hallam 117
G Owen 118
M MacCarthy 112
no shooter -
  Sub-total 347
Grand total 742.45
Perth Scotland
John McRae 98.11
Kenny McDonald 94.08
John Potter 93.05
Eddie Jones 89.05
  Sub-total 374.29
F Class
Paul Sandie 114
Bobbie Robertson 109
Paul Crosbie 107
Jim Bell 103
  Sub-total 433
Grand total 807.29

The match was first fired in 1970 when the respective Mayors of the two cities donated shields which are now held by the opposite clubs.

Keith Baxby
West Atholl Rifle Club Chairman (2005)

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