'Round Robin' Invitation Shoot 2004

A full day's shooting was enjoyed in good weather, with each competitor firing six strings of 10 shots on a metric target. In each detail of 5 shooters the winner scored 5 points, second 4 points and so on down to 1 point, the maximum possible score being 30 points.

TR     Points
  First Eddie Jones 26
  Second Mark Joyce 24
  Third Richard Scott 20
  Highest Single Score Eddie Jones 100.2
  Highest Aggregate Mark Joyce 577
  (just ahead of) Eddie Jones 576
F Class      
  First Milton Park 29
  Second Paul Crosbie 28
  Third Des Parr 26
  Highest Single Score Paul Crosbie 100.7
  with Milton Park and Adam MacPherson on 100.5
  Highest Aggregate Des Parr 594
  (just ahead of) Paul Crosbie 593

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