Perth (Scotland) v Perth (Australia) 2003

On Saturday 21st June 2003, West Atholl Rifle Club, representing Perth Scotland, fired a postal match against Perth Australia. Members were faced with theoretically easy conditions comprising minimal wind, a dull light and cool conditions at 13C. However the usually scenic Jubilee range was not at its most pleasant with the persistent light rain turning misty at times and making shooting more difficult. The most unpleasant aspect of the day was that every midge in Perthshire seemed to have congregated on the range - mostly at the 600 yard firing point and in the target pit. The most worthy score was made by Mike Barton shooting in the standard Target Rifle class who almost matched the scores from the unrestricted F class. Another noteworthy score was that made by Alastair Munro at the age of 86.

Perth Australia
Chris Hope   100v9
Anna Whittemore   99v15
Peter Green   99v8
Stan Connell   98v11
Sub-total 396v43
F Class  
Tony Whittemore   117
Geoff Owen   117
Wayne Lancaster   116
Yvonne Lancaster   108
Sub-total 458
Grand total 854v43
Perth Scotland
Mike Barton   99v13
Eddie Jones   98v08
Richard Scott   97v11
John McDonald   95v07
Sub-total 389v39
F Class  
Jim Bell (99v14=) 113
Des Parr (99v14=) 113
Alastair Munro (95v07=) 102
Gerry Hogston (93v07=) 100
Sub-total 428
Grand total 817v39

Perth Australia, shooting 10 hours earlier, have reported their score as 854v43 thus giving them a fairly easy victory. This included a perfect 100 from their President Chris Hope. Hopefully Perth Scotland will close the gap in future years. The match was first fired in 1970 when the respective Mayors of the two cities donated shields which are now held by the opposite clubs. Due to the vagaries of postal communication the match lapsed through the 1990s but with the help of the internet it is hoped to shoot it every year.

Perth Rifle Club
Western Australia
Perth Oz Photo

Back Row:
Wayne Lancaster, Yvonne Lancaster, Geoff Owen and Tony Whittemore

Front Row:
Stan Connell, Anna Whittemore, Grant Connell (Captain), Chris Hope and Peter Green


Wording on shield
(as shown held by Mike Barton):-

Presented by E.H Lee Steere C.B.E.
Lord Mayor of Perth
West Australia

For competition between rifle teams representing the Sister Cities of Perth

1975 Perth West Australia 739
1976 Perth Scotland 579
1977 Perth Scotland 581
1978 Perth West Australia 585
1979 Perth Scotland 491

Perth Scotland Team
Jubilee Range Glan Tilt
Perth Scotland

Team from uphill is Richard Scott, Des Parr, Jim Bell, Gerry Hogston, Alastair Munro, Mike Barton, Kenny McDonald and Eddy Jones.

Taken just before they shot showing butts in distance and with flags hanging straight down and almost hidden behind poles

Mike Barton Top Scorer TR holding shield.

Well done Perth Australia - you have beaten us fairly convincingly in both classes. Your F class in particular was well ahead of ours. A press release will made to our Perthshire Advertiser.

Mike Baillie-Hamilton
West Atholl Rifle Club Chairman (2003)

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