FINLUX /Target Shooting Supplies Inter-Club Team Match 2003


Place Team Score
1 Fife & Kinross 873v102
2 West of Scotland 858v92
2 West Atholl 858v92
4 East & Odds and Sods 849v78
  Top Scorers  
TR K.MacDonald (West Atholl) 147v18
TR R.Taylor (Fife & Kinross) 146v11
F Class M.Barlow (Fife & Kinross) 150v27
F Class D.Parr (East & Odds and Sods) 150v24


Team Captain being presented with Winners Trophy by TSS Sponsor Jim Brown
Fife & Kinross
    500yds 900yds TOTAL
F Class M.Barlow* 75v14 75v13 150v27
F Class J.Wilson 75v11 72v9 147v20
  R.Taylor 75v9 71v2 146v11
  D.Gladwin* 74v9 70v6 144v15
  J.Brown 71v6 72v9 143v15
  B.Woodroffe 72v6 71v8 143v14
Not counting W.Young 67v2 72v9 139v11
Not counting P.Smith 65v4 68v2 133v6
Team Total 873v102
  * Coach      
West of Scotland
    500yds 900yds TOTAL
F Class J.Potter 75v11 74v6 149v19  
F Class A.Macpherson 70v11 75v11 145v22  
  R.Simpson 73v9 70v6 143v15  
  E.Jones 71v8 70v6 141v14  
  M.Barton 70v5 70v7 140v12  
  W.Buchanan 74v7 66v3 140v10  
Not counting J.Macdonald 71v4 69v4 141v8  
Not counting A.Mabon 72v5 66.2 138v7  
Team Total 858v92 2nd Equal
West Atholl
    500yds 900yds TOTAL
F Class D.Rhouma 75v11 75v11 150v22  
  K.MacDonald 75v12 72v6 147v18  
  R.Scott 74v10 70v8 144v18  
  P.Dingle 70v5 71v5 141v10  
  I.Simpson 70.5 69v4 139v9  
  J.McRae 73v8 64v7 137v15  
Not counting J.Kettles 71v7 66v3 137v10  
Not counting I.Conacher 71v4 65v3 136v7  
Team Total 858v92 2nd Equal
East & Odds and Sods
    500yds 900yds TOTAL  
F Class D.Parr 75v14 75v10 150v24  
  R.Aitken 72v4 73v5 145v9  
F Class M.Park 75v11 68v5 143v16  
  R.Barton 69v5 71v5 140v10  
  P.Leslie 71v4 68v6 139v10  
  K.Simpson 65v5 67v4 132v9  
Not counting B.Brown 66v5 63v2 129v7  
Not counting G.Dow 62v1 59v2 121v3  
Team Total 849v78 3rd

Alistair Munro announcing Phil Burns - the original Sponsor of the FINLUX Team Competition back in 1987 - had passed away. Some photographs of the Day's shoot and a letter of condolences will be sent to his widow.

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