2000 Club Trophies

CLUB Day Shoots Competition              
      1st     2nd   Special Mention
Butter Cup 300/400   J Potter 198v22   J Brown 194v24
Christie Bowl 500/600   G Lane 196v24   J Potter 195v28
Norwich Union 900/1000   T Kidner (record) 199v30   J Brown 190v23 D Brown (related) 190v18
Munro Broadsword 300 to 1000   J Potter 293   J Brown 291  
Alex Smith Trophy Tulli & Murray Cup   T Kidner 645   D Gladwin 646  
Atholl Trophy MR and Murray Cup   T Kidner 532   J Bell 507  

F Class    
300/400 D Parr 195v34
500/600 J Bell 199.33
900/1000 D Parr 195v28

Murray Cup (2+10 @ 900, 600, 500, 400 and 300 yds)
T Kidner dropped his last shot!
TR T Kidner 249v37 D Gladwin 246v38 K McDonald 246v33
F Class S Nicoll 249v43 D Parr 249v43    

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