Information for visiting Target Shooters to Jubilee Range

updated 31st August 2012

West Atholl Rifle Club welcomes visiting target shooters to Jubilee range and hopes they will enjoy shooting on this scenic, challenging range which has the benefits of electronic targets. Please note the following:

Observing the following safety precautions is essential.

Either the bolt must be removed from the rifle or a safety flag must be in the breech (or both) at all times, except when on the firing point, under the RCO’s supervision, with the rifle pointing at the target and preparing to fire or engaged in firing.

Our safety certificate requires that the 70mil rule is observed without exception. When the bolt is being closed on a live round (or is being opened without the round having been fired) the barrel must not deviate more than 70mils (about 4 degrees) from the horizontal: in practice this means it should be horizontal. At the same time the rifle must be pointing at the stop butt, not to either side of it.
In case of a misfire do not open the bolt. Keep the rifle pointing at the target and call the Range Conducting Officer (RCO).

At the end of shooting the rifle must be cleared by your score keeper/shooting partner and your score-card signed to that effect. The rifle must then have the bolt removed or a flag inserted (or both) before you leave the firing point. It is not acceptable for the rifle to be cleared then to have the bolt closed. This applies even when the rifle is put in a case on the firing point. You may know the chamber is empty; others do not. If a magazine is fitted it must be used only as a loading platform for single rounds. The rifle must never contain more than one round at a time.

Expanding bullets are banned by law at events where “scores are being kept for competitive purposes” (which includes all Club shoots), irrespective of whether any given individual is competing.
Expanding bullets are defined for this purpose as those “designed to expand in a predictable way” which includes all deer-legal bullets and many others
This prohibition does NOT include Hornady A-MAXTM bullets- ie they are allowed.

At your first attendance you will be asked to sign a printed version of the above to confirm awareness of the information.

Visitor fees and membership
To cover the costs of purchase, maintenance and replacement the electronic target system the Committee has decided on the following:

  • The visitor fee will be £15.
  • After a visitor has attended two Club shoots* in one year, no further attendance at Club shoots can be made until that person has completed an application form for probationary membership, paid the membership fee and been accepted by the committee as a probationary member.
    (*Attendance at mid-week practices and non-WARC events such as Open competitions does not count.)
  • Any visitor fee(s) paid in a year will be deducted from the membership subscription for that year (except for student membership).

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