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Perth Australia v Perth Scotland
Final Results 2013

Perth Australia v Perth Scotland
Final Results 2012

Shooting from 400 after the sun came out.
Perth Australia       Perth Scotland    
TR       TR    
D Tyler   96v8   T Kidner   99v15
M Mckenzie   96v5   R Scott   99v13
A Sproule   96v5   J Potter   97v11
G Neil   93v5   E Jones   95v10
L Ward   87v4   K MacDonald   95v4
P Ridgway   82v1   J McRae   94v10
        K Baxby   94v10
        M Joyce   92v6
        J MacDonald   92v5
F Class*       F Class*    
G Owen   116   R Thomson   95
S Ross   112   H Inglis   98
V Cullen   109        
G Doney   109        
L Bongorno   106        

Perth Australia count V bulls in F class as 6 (HPS 120), and have a “Super V” of half the V bull which adds a further 0.1 points. Scores were made comparable by converting Perth Scotland V bulls to 6 points and deleting decimals from Australia scores (assuming that no Australian shooter scored more than 0.9 from Super Vs.)


    TR   F Class   TOTAL
Perth Australia   550v28   228   778v28
Perth Scotland   579v63   193   772v63


Perth Australia are the 2012 winners. Congratulations to them.

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