Items for Sale

updated 6th March 2019

The following is a list of items that Peter Hunt has for sale:

Peter Hunt can be contacted on 01684 301025 / 07900 278374 or email

Item 33

Item 32

Item 29

Item 27

Item 26
Item 25
The following is a list of items that Peter Burbridge has for sale:

Peter Burbridge can be contacted on 01497 831719 or email

Item 24
New .308 Target Rifle for sale

30 inch 1:12 twist Kreiger barrel, Barnard Model P action and grey laminated wood stock. The action is dovetailed to take a top mounting rear target sight and the muzzle is turned down to suit a Stallings or other ladder type foresight. Price £2850 to include the dreaded VAT.

Item 23
New .223 Target Rifle for sale

Barnard Model S action fitted with a new Lothar Walther 30 inch, 1:7 twist barrel. CG match trigger and reddish laminated wooden stock. Price £1750.

Item 19
New .17 HMR Rifle for sale

CZ No. A598098, with moderator and fitted bipod - Price £325

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