Information for Hill Walkers

West Atholl Rifle Club operate a Rifle Range on land owned by Atholl Estates on the west side of Glen Tilt. Depending on the type of shooting taking place it is sometimes necessary to close the road from Blairuachdar Wood (NN 877 687) to Gilberts Bridge (NN 881 701) for obvious safety reasons. Please consult the following/attached/whatever program to see on which days shooting is programmed to take place and the road is likely to be closed. The road on the east side of the valley remains open at all times. Similarly the private road to Allt Slanaidh falls outside the range danger area at all times.

Red warning flags will be flown at road entrances to the range during shooting and, if the road is closed, there will be a tape barrier at the flagpole near Gilberts Bridge and a warning sign at the Croft Crombie gate and under these circumstances Balairuachder Wood will be closed with a warning notice displayed. When the road remains open walkers and cyclists should adhere strictly to it. West Atholl Rifle Club and Atholl Estates apologise for any inconvenience to walkers and cyclists and hope that we can all enjoy the wonderful scenery of Glen Tilt without undue disturbance to each other.

All access through the range to Gilbert's Bridge is closed due to Long Distance Shooting on the following dates:

March:   nil
April:   16th, and 30th
May:   20th, 21st and 28th
June:   8th, 11th, 24th, and 25th
July:   30th
August:   20th
September:   2nd, 3rd, 10th and 17th
October:   nil

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