Glasgow 2014

Queens Prize - Individual Competition

Barry Buddon 29th July

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During the individual Queens Prize competition, Scotland's Ian and Angus both did well and were slowly but surely moving up the ranks until the final distance when the wind finally decided to surprise everyone, which made for some interesting conditions and most of the competitors visited parts of the target they had never seen before. Ian Shaw ended up 9th, Angus McLeod 10th with David Luckman taking the Gold with a record 401v42 (ex 405), Jim Paton, Canada, Silver with 397v35 and Parag Patel, also England, Bronze with 394v35.

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1 GRENFELL AUS 35v01 35v05 35v04 105v10 1 LE CHEMINANT JER 104v10 50v06 50v08 50v08 150v22 254v32 1 Gold LUCKMAN ENG 253v32 74v06 74v04 148v10 401v42
2 RICHARDSON JER 34v04 35v04 35v04 104v12 2 RICHARDSON JER 104v12 50v07 50v04 50v07 150v18 254v30 2 Silver PATON CAN 254v23 74v08 69v04 143v12 397v35
3 CALVERT NIRE 35v04 34v04 35v04 104v12 3 GRENFELL AUS 105v10 50v09 50v06 49v05 149v20 254v30 3 Bronze PATEL ENG 252v30 72v03 70v02 142v05 394v35
4 LUCKMAN ENG 35v03 34v03 35v05 104v11 4 COETZEE RSA 104v11 50v04 50v05 50v06 150v15 254v26 4 CALVERT NIRE 252v31 73v04 68v03 141v07 393v38
5 COETZEE RSA 35v04 35v04 34v03 104v11 5 PATON CAN 104v08 50v05 50v04 50v06 150v15 254v23 5 ALEXANDER NIRE 252v27 72v02 68v03 140v05 392v32
6 MACE GUE 34v03 35v02 35v05 104v10 6 LUCKMAN ENG 104v11 49v08 50v05 50v08 149v21 253v32 6 COETZEE RSA 254v26 73v04 64v04 137v08 391v34
7 LE CHEMINANT JER 35v02 35v03 34v05 104v10 7 CALVERT NIRE 104v12 49v07 50v08 49v04 148v19 252v31 7 LE CHEMINANT JER 254v32 72v06 64v02 136v08 390v40
8 PATON CAN 35v05 35v02 34v01 104v08 8 McLEOD SCO 102v09 50v06 50v06 50v09 150v21 252v30 8 MACE GUE 251v25 70v01 69v02 139v03 390v28
9 PATEL ENG 34v03 34v03 35v07 103v13 9 PATEL ENG 103v13 50v07 49v05 50v05 149v17 252v30 9 SHAW SCO 251v30 73v07 64v04 137v11 388v41
10 ALEXANDER NIRE 35v04 34v04 34v01 103v09 10 WATSON WAL 102v09 50v08 50v06 50v06 150v20 252v29 10 McLEOD SCO 252v30 73v06 63v04 136v10 388v40
11 BRAITHWAITE GUY 35v04 35v03 33v02 103v09 11 ALEXANDER NIRE 103v09 50v07 50v06 49v05 149v18 252v27 11 CORBETT AUS 251v38 73v05 63v05 136v10 387v48
12 ISHAK MAL 35v03 34v01 34v01 103v05 12 CORBETT AUS 101v12 50v09 50v08 50v09 150v26 251v38 12 GRENFELL AUS 254v30 74v06 59v02 133v08 387v38
13 SHAW SCO 34v04 34v05 34v04 102v13 13 SHAW SCO 102v13 49v04 50v08 50v05 149v17 251v30 13 WATSON WAL 252v29 72v06 63v01 135v07 387v36
14 RICKMAN JAM 34v04 34v05 34v02 102v11 14 BRAITHWAITE GUY 103v09 50v06 50v08 48v04 148v18 251v27 14 MORRIS WAL 248v23 70v07 69v01 139v08 387v31
15 WATSON WAL 35v01 33v04 34v04 102v09 15 MACE GUE 104v10 49v05 49v06 49v04 147v15 251v25 15 BRAITHWAITE GUY 251v27 73v06 61v01 134v07 385v34
16 McLEOD SCO 34v05 34v02 34v02 102v09 16 ISHAK MAL 103v05 48v06 50v07 50v05 148v18 251v23 16 RICHARDSON JER 254v30 70v06 60v03 130v09 384v39
17 PERSAUD GUY 35v02 34v04 33v02 102v08 17 SNOWDEN NZ 102v07 49v05 50v01 50v03 149v09 251v16 17 DU TOIT RSA 250v22 70v02 64v05 134v07 384v29
18 GOMEZ TRIN 33v03 35v02 34v02 102v07 18 RICKMAN JAM 102v11 49v06 50v05 49v04 148v15 250v26 18 SNOWDEN NZ 251v16 71v04 61v01 132v05 383v21
19 SNOWDEN NZ 34v01 35v03 33v03 102v07 19 DU TOIT RSA 100v08 50v04 50v06 50v04 150v14 250v22 19 JORY GUE 247v17 73v06 58v05 131v11 378v28
20 CORBETT AUS 34v03 34v04 33v05 101v12 20 SAINA KEN 101v06 50v05 49v07 49v05 148v17 249v23 20 COLLINGS NZ 247v20 71v05 60v02 131v07 378v27
21 SAINA KEN 35v03 33v01 33v02 101v06 21 MORRIS WAL 99v07 49v06 50v03 50v07 149v16 248v23 21 RICKMAN JAM 250v26 69v02 58v02 127v04 377v30
22 DU TOIT RSA 32v03 34v04 34v01 100v08 22 PERSAUD GUY 102v08 49v02 49v07 48v03 146v12 248v20 22 ISHAK MAL 251v23 70v05 56v01 126v06 377v29
23 JORY GUE 32v02 35v04 33v02 100v08 23 VAMPLEW CAN 100v05 49v05 48v06 50v06 147v17 247v22 23 PERSAUD GUY 248v20 67v05 61v04 128v09 376v29
24 SEHMI KEN 34v04 34v04 32v00 100v08 24 COLLINGS NZ 99v07 48v05 50v02 50v06 148v13 247v20 24 SAINA KEN 249v23 72v03 53v02 125v05 374v28
25 VAMPLEW CAN 35v02 33v03 32v00 100v05 25 JORY GUE 100v08 48v01 49v06 50v02 147v09 247v17 25 D.GOODWIN FALK 241v16 71v04 62v02 133v06 374v22
26 MORRIS WAL 33v03 34v02 32v02 99v07 26 SEHMI KEN 100v08 49v04 49v04 47v03 145v11 245v19 26 PEREZ TRIN 242v12 66v03 65v06 131v09 373v21
27 COLLINGS NZ 35v04 33v03 31v00 99v07 27 MOHAMAD MAL 98v08 48v02 49v05 49v04 146v11 244v19 27 SEHMI KEN 245v19 72v04 55v01 127v05 372v24
28 PEREZ TRIN 35v02 31v00 33v04 99v06 28 GOMEZ TRIN 102v07 46v05 48v04 48v03 142v12 244v19 28 VAMPLEW CAN 247v22 71v05 53.00 124v05 371v27
29 PERRY ANT 34v01 34v03 31v01 99v05 29 PEREZ TRIN 99v06 46v01 50v04 47v01 143v06 242v12 29 PERRY ANT 240v13 71v04 51v01 122v05 362v18
30 MOHAMAD MAL 31v01 34v04 33v03 98v08 30 D.GOODWIN FALK 96v03 48v06 50v05 47v02 145v13 241v16 30 MOHAMAD MAL 244v19 67v05 49.00 116v05 360v24
31 D.GOODWIN FALK 33v01 31v00 32v02 96v03 31 PERRY ANT 99v05 45v01 47v03 49v04 141v08 240v13 31 G.GOODWIN FALK 239v17 70v04 49v01 119v05 358v22
32 G.GOODWIN FALK 32v00 30v01 34v01 96v02 32 G.GOODWIN FALK 96v02 47v04 47v04 49v07 143v15 239v17 32 NELSON JAM 234v14 62v00 55v03 117v03 351v17
33 NELSON JAM 32v02 32v04 29v00 93v06 33 NELSON JAM 93v06 48v02 48v04 45v02 141v08 234v14 33 GOMEZ TRIN 244v19 63v01 37v01 100v02 344v21
34 GREENAWAY ANT 31v01 30v02 32v02 93v05 34 GREENAWAY ANT 93v05 41v01 49v02 46v02 136v05 229v10 34 GREENAWAY ANT 229v10 63v03 48v01 111v04 340v14
David Luckman hoisted by competitors in Bisley's Chair
Jim Paton - Silver (Canada) David Luckman - Gold (England) Parag Patel - Bronze (England)

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Video of Glasgow2014 Fullbore Individual Medals