Pentagonal & FINLUX Team Matches 2016

Jubilee Range Glen Tilt 29th May

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Pentagonal Match        
    500X 900X Total
1st West of Scotland R.Scaglione 74v9 72v9 146v18
  A.Mabon 73v7 73v6 146v13
  J.Potter 72v8 72v6 144v14
  W.Buchanan 70v7 70v7 140v14
  C.Halleran 73v6 67v4 140v10
  M.Ozmond 70v3 69v5 {139v8}
  J.Rankin 67v1 69v4 {136v5}
  J.McDonald 66v0 61v3 {127v3}
  Top 5 scores   Team total 716v69
    500X 900X Total
2nd Fife & Kinross M.Barlow 73v5 74v9 147v14
  B.Woodroffe 73v5 67v3 140v8
  R.Kunetsov 73v6 66v5 139v11
  R.Taylor 67v4 70v6 137v10
  P.McLauglin 63v1 72v5 135v6
  H.Fox 62v2 55v1 {117v3}
  Top 5 scores   Team total 698v49
    500X 900X Total
3rd Tayside K.Baxby 74v9 73v10 147v19
  T.Kidner 71v7 70v7 141v14
  W.Kilmartin 69v4 68v3 137v7
  D.Gow 70v5 66v3 136v8
  A.Longford 70v7 64v3 134v10
  N.MacDonald 68.5 66.3 {134.8}
  A.Hay 69v7 61v2 {130v9}
  Top 5 scores   Team total 695v58
    500X 900X Total
4th North of Scotland K.MacDonald 74v9 67v4 141v13
  M.Joyce 73v7 66v6 139v13
  A.Bochel 72v8 67v3 139v11
  J.McRae 70v4 67v2 137v6
  P.Dingle 70v5 57v4 127v9
      Team Total 683v52
Finlux F-Open Match   500X 900X Total
1st Fife & Kinross R.Gow 72v2 62v1 134v3
  R.Thomson 70v6 60v4 130v10
      Team total 264v13
Finlux F/TR Match   500X 900X Total
1st Tayside P.McLaughlin 75v13 70v3 145v16
  M.Guest 69v8 66v5 135v13
  J.Gaskell 69v6 66v5 {135v11}
  G.Hogston 62v4 67v5 {129v9}
  Top 2 scores   Team total 280v29
Three quarters of the winning team.
Missing members were A. Mabon and M. Ozmond who had to leave before the prize giving.
Alan Mabon's good lady and rather large Newfoundland woofer who watched from the shaded 1100 yards....
Nice to see the art of Muzzle Loading is still going strong!

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