European Long Range 2012


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The European Long Range was an anti-climactic end to the season. We had intended to target this as one of the big three matches for 2012, behind only the National and the Mackinnon, because being able to put "European Champion" on your CV ought to help attract funding to the extent it is available. However, while my sincere appreciation goes to all those who turned out and did their best to try and win the match for Scotland, several people's unavailability and a couple of late withdrawals put us on the back foot from the off.

We finished 3rd, some distance behind England and not close enough to Ireland (who won the 1000 yard range overall).

On the plus side, Jonny Borland deserves praise for his top score of 363.34, as does new cap Jon Ford for his 363.28.

Also notable was David Hossack's relative mastery of the wind. He coaches both the late season matches very well, and enjoyed doing so; I will be very sad not to have the privilege of coaching alongside him again.

London Scottish Club Championship 2012

Bisley 22nd/23rd September

The London Scottish Club Championship was shot over two quite different days over 22nd/23rd September. Saturday was sunny and pleasant, but with a fickle little breeze which had a number of people questioning their zeroes, as what was quite clearly right wind on the flags needed left wind on the gun – not unusual at Blair Atholl, perhaps, but confusing at Bisley. In the first stage of the Championship, both Alan Haggerty and Simon Dickson managed to drop their last for 104s, with Alan just having the edge with 11 V to Simon's 10, and a point ahead of Alice Ogilvie. A lunchtime pint in the North London led to the discovery, among the pewter tankards above the bar, of the original LSRC Short Range Agg Tankard which had been missing since 1996!

After lunch things were just as difficult and just as frustrating for Simon as he lost out on the 2nd stage Trophy by a V-bull again, this time to Rachel Merridew's 144.11, and a point ahead of Dave Parkinson who was borrowing Alice's rifle as his own had a little too much headspace – about 120 miles too much! Simon did, however, win the newly re-discovered Short Range Trophy Aggregate Trophy and the replacement provided some years ago by the late and much missed Womble. In the team match we beat the HAC by 9 points.

Sunday was wet – too wet for many as they preferred their warm and cosy beds to the cold and wet firing point but we were joined by Lindsay Peden fresh from the warmer climes of USA and he led the long range after 900 with 73.9, just two V-bulls ahead of Alan. It was a little wetter for the 1000x detail and Alan made 72.7 for 145.14, enough to win the Long Range, as Lindsay could only make 70.5 with some loss of elevation, which might have been better had he remembered to tighten his bedding bolts after the flight! It was also enough for Alan to take the overall championship with 392.37.

Clive Amstein 2012

A team from the West of Scotland retained the trophy for county teams of four. Iain Hindshaw, Henry Watson, Lindsay Peden, Alan Haggerty.


The Team

Pentagonal & Finlux Matchs 2012

Jubilee Range Glen Tilt 10th June

David Hossack


It is very sad to report that David Hossack died on 8th December following a severe stroke from which he was unable to recover and our condolences go to his wife Hilary and family Jon and Joanna. David did an enormous amount over many years for fullbore shooting in general and for Scottish shooting in particular. During his time as Captain of the Scotland team he was instrumental in raising the standard of shooting and was very successful in achieving the best results from the teams, particularly in the overseas teams he took to Australia and the West Indies. His personality and positive approach to leadership made a big difference in helping team members to achieve their personal best results. His own shooting was of a very high standard and he was in the Scotland team for the 1974 Commonwealth Games in New Zealand. He had the distinction of being in the winning Scotland team for the National Match in 1965 and then in the next winning team in 2010 -- a gap of 45 years. He also shot in Great Britain overseas teams and made regular appearances in the top 100 of the Queens Prize and he was especially proud when his daughter Joanna won the Queens Prize in 2000. In recent years David took up Match Rifle shooting and quickly established himself in the Scotland teams that won the Elcho Match in 2010 and 2011. David also helped in running the NSC at Bisley during a difficult financial period when the future of the NRA was in doubt and he also helped the North London Rifle Club at Bisley including his time as Chairman of the club. His contribution to fullbore shooting was enormous and he will be sorely missed by all that knew him.

Tim Kidner

Chairman Scottish Rifle Association