Scotland v USA F/TR Team Match 2011

Jubilee Range Glen Tilt 4th July


West Atholl Rifle Club hosted the USA F/TR team for a day's practice on Friday 1st July. Shooting took place at 900, 987, 1114 and, for the bold 1233x, in fairly easy conditions. The only problems were a shortage of keys with the score on lost keys being Scotland 1 USA 1.

The USA team competed in the SRA Long Range meeting over the weekend followed by a Scotland v USA match the Monday. Teams of six shooting 2+15 to count at 900, 1000 and 1100 yards - Scotland won the match with 1072.30 and USA scored 1050.34.

The highest score was Paul Crosbie (Captain of the Scotland team) who scored 191.4. The team match was shot on Monday 4th July which is USA Independence Day.



Back row L to R; Laurie Holland (Sco), Tony Robertson (USA), Paul Crosbie (Sco, Capt.), Stan Pate (USA),Darrell Buell (USA, Capt.), Monte Milanuk (USA), Tim Kidner (Sco, Coach), Peter Burbridge (Sco), Jim Wilson (Sco), Hamish Hunter (Sco, Head Coach), Des Parr (Sco).

Front row L to R; Michelle Gallagher (USA, Coach), Sierra Scott (USA), Kathy Buell (USA), Nancy Tomkins (USA, Head Coach), Kenny MacDonald (Sco), Mike Baillie-Hamilton (Sco), John Campbell-Smith (Sco). Mark Guest (not in photo, Sco).


Champions of the World but only runners up in Glen Tilt - the USA team.

L to R; Nancy Tomkins (head coach), Sierra Scott, Michelle Gallagher (coach), Stan Pate, Kathy Buell, Darrell Buell (Capt.), Tony Robertson, Monte Milanuk.

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F/TR International Team Match
Scotland v United States of America
    900X 1000X 1100X Total  
  P.Crosbie 72.04 60.00 59.00 191.04  
  L.Holland 73.04 63.03 54.00 190.07  
  P.Burbridge 68.03 54.02 55.00 177.05  
  M.Baillie-Hamilton 71.04 59.00 44.00 174.04  
  K.MacDonald 69.02 59.02 43.01 171.05  
  J.Wilson 67.03 62.01 40.01 169.05  
  Scotland Team Total 420.20 357.08 295.02 1072.30  
United States of America        
  S.Scott 72.02 65.02 49.00 186.04  
  M.Gallagher 71.05 52.01 57.00 180.06  
  S.Pate 72.05 59.00 47.01 178.06  
  M.Milanuk 72.04 58.00 44.00 174.04  
  K.Buell 68.03 56.03 46.01 170.07  
  D.Buell 72.05 56.02 34.00 162.07  
  USA Team Total 427.24 346.08 277.02 1050.34