Clive Amstein Memorial Trophy 2011
  West of Scotland        
    500x 600x 900x 1000x Total
  Alan Haggerty 72v6 75v12 72v11 71v8 290v37
  Bruce Logan 74v10 75v10 71v9 69v5 289v34
  Henry Watson 73v9 73v10 73v4 68v4 287v27
  Lindsay Peden 74v10 72v6 75v10 72v8 293v34
  Devon       1107v67
  Surrey       1152v110
  Hertfordshire       1139v91
  Buckinghamshire       1142v107

Following last year's first win since 1965 in target shooting's National Match, Scotland repeated their victory over England at the NRA Annual Prize Meeting. Bettering last years score by five points, they won by the narrowest of margins, finishing on a total of 2075.279, just two points ahead of England. This was also the first time since 1900 that Scotland have won the magnificent trophy in consecutive years. No fewer than seven of the team of twenty firers made the maximum 105, with Capt. Alexander Gill leading the way with 18 of his 21 shots in the smaller V-bull. One of the five target teams completed the match with all four firers making the maximum score. Team Captain, Lindsay Peden, was delighted with the win, who retires from the with the enviable record of two wins in three years, and paid tribute to the parts played in the victory by all the team members, firers coaches and the support team.

Full Results

Scotland National Team
Scotland Mackinnon Team
Scotland Combined Services Team
Saturday's Scores
    300x 500x 600x Total
  Aitken Bob 27v0 28v0 30v0 85v0
  Barlow Mike 35v5 33v2 29v1 97v8
  Barr Liz 35v5 34v3 33v2 102v10
  Borland Johnny 34v3 34v4 35v5 103v12
  Davis Stuart 31v3 31v0 33v2 95v5
  Gill Sandy 34v4 34v4 35v4 103v12
  Glen Simon 35v5 34v5 31v1 100v11
  Haggerty Alan 34v4 35v4 34v5 103v13
  Hossack David 34v5 32v3 35v6 101v14
  Hossack Jo 34v2 31v3 34v2 99v7
  Hunter Sam 35v5 35v5 32v3 102v13
  Hunter Tom 34v4 34v4 32v3 100v11
  Lakey William 32v1 34v3 31v1 97v5
  Logan Bruce 33v2 34v3 34v2 101v7
  Mackay John 33v3 32v0 34v4 99v7
  Peden Lindsay 33v5 34v2 34v2 101v9
  Robertson Iain 34v2 32v2 34v5 100v9
  Scott Richard 35v3 31v1 33v5 99v9
  Shaw Ian 35v4 35v5 33v3 103v12
  Sweet Jon 34v2 34v2 35v6 103v10
  Thompson Iain 34v3 33v1 31v1 98v5
  Walker Sandy 35v3 35v5 33v3 103v11
  Watson Henry 34v5 33v3 33v2 100v10
  Total 682v72 670v63 664v65 2016v200
  Shot but not in the preselected team of 20
    Range Scores Totalsl
  Scotland 682v72 670v63 664v65 2016v200
  RAF       1987v144
  Wales       1960v136
  England       2045v232
  Ireland No full team    
  Top Scorer's      
  Scotland Allan Haggerty 103v3
  RAF Geoff Cox 103v12  
  Wales Richard Jeens 103v6
  England ? 104


Sunday's Scores
    900x 1000x Total
  Aitken Bob 46v0 45v4 91v4
  Anderson James 48v7 48v4 96v11
  Barlow Mike 46v3 45v2 91v5
  Barr Liz 46v2 48v5 94v7
  Borland Johnny 47v5 47v4 94v9
  Dallas Dot 46v4 46v3 92v7
  Davis Stuart 45v3 44v1 89v4
  Gill Sandy 48v2 49v5 97v7
  Glen Simon 44v4 48v5 92v9
  Hossack David 46v4 44v3 90v7
  Hossack Jo 45v3 46v6 91v9
  Hunter Sam 47v3 49v5 96v8
  Hunter Tom 48v4 49v4 97v8
  Lakey William 48v5 47v1 95v6
  Logan Bruce 46v4 49v6 95v10
  Mackay John 48v4 47v3 95v7
  Mackeith Malcolm 45v4 48v5 93v9
  Peden Lindsay 48v4 48v7 96v11
  Robertson Iain 48v7 46v3 94v10
  Scott Richard 46v2 43v2 89v4
  Shaw Ian 48v3 46v5 94v8
  Sweet Jon 45v3 46v4 91v7
  Thompson Iain 47v3 46v2 93v5
  Watson Henry 47v6 47v3 94v9
  Range Scores Thistle 1126v99
      Heather 1113v82
  Scotland 1126v99    
  RAF 1056v67    
  Wales 1099v75    
  England 1137v117    
  Ireland 1122v74    
  Top Scorer's      
  Scotland Tom Hunter 97v8
  RAF Dave Calvert 97v7
  Wales Chris Watson 96v9
  England Dave Richards 99v14
  Ireland Ross McQuillan 97v10