West of Scotland 2010

Jubilee Range Glen Tilt 1st/2nd May

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  Target Rifle    
Ladies Cup Grand Agg. (Championship) Open
1st K.O.Pugh 444v29  
2nd J.Potter 440v42  
3rd K.MacDonald 438v49  
Col. Begg Cup QIII Open
1st K.O.Pugh 191v18  
2nd J.Potter 188v16  
3rd K.MacDonald 188v13  
Glasgow Herald - Grand Agg. - Confinded to Club Members
1st J.Potter 440v42  
2nd M.S.Barton 435v45  
3rd H.L.Hunter 431v39  
Glasgow Evening News - QIII - Confined to Club Members
1st J.Potter 188v16  
2nd M.S.Barton 185v15  
3rd H.L.Hunter 184v13  
Battison Cup - QI Open
1st K.O.Pugh 105v11  
2nd C.Stewart 104v11  
3rd M.J.Barlow 104v10  
Highest School person:    
B.Stevens 100v8 (Donegall Medal)
McQueen Rose Bowl - QII - Open
1st J.Potter 149v18  
2nd M.J.Barlow 148v21  
3rd W.Lakey 148v20  
Highest School person:    
B.Stevens 143v15 (Donegall Medal)
Astor Tankard - QII - confined to Club Members
1st J.Potter 149v18  
2nd M.S.Barton 147v20  
3rd H.L.Hunter 146v15  
SRA Silver Medal - Agg. Of QII + QIII - Open
1st K.O.Pugh 339v38  
2nd J.Potter 337v34  
3rd K.MacDonald 335v38  
Highest School persons:    

R.Davis & B.Stevens =

321v22 (SRA Bronze Medal)
St Mungo Rose Bowl - Agg. QII + QIII Confined to Club Members
1st J.Potter 337v34  
2nd M.S.Barton 332v35  
3rd H.L.Hunter 330v28  
Presidents Cup - Sat. Agg. - Open
1st K.O.Pugh 253v31  
2nd M.J.Barlow 252v31  
3rd J.Potter 252v26  
Kendal Trophy (Over 60) - Grand Agg. - Open
1st K.O.Pugh 444v49  
2nd K.MacDonald 438v49  
3rd M.S.Barton 435v45  
Bobb Scott (under25) Grand Agg. - Open
1st B.Stevens 421v30 (Also highest school person) Donegall Medal
2nd R.Davis 417v33  
3rd A.Melling 406v29  
A H Lee (Under 23) - Championship QIII - Open
1st R.Davis 181v10 (Also highest school person) Donegall Medal
2nd E.Stewart 179v10  
3rd B.Stevens 178v7  
Scottish XX Crosses - Grand Agg. - Confined to Club Members in West District
Gold J.Potter 440v42  
Silver M.S.Barton 435v45  
Bronze H.L.Hunter 431v39  
  F Class    
Brown Cup - Grand Agg. - Championship
1st H.Inglis 443v36  
2nd P.R.Crosbie 433v24  
3rd D.Parr 432v38  
  P.R.Crosbie 454v72  
  P.Burbridge 443v61  
McGillivray Cup - Grand Agg. - Confined to Club Members
  No entrants    
  Daily Record Cup - QIII - Open
1st H.Inglis 194v10  
2nd P.R.Crosbie 190v5  
3rd P.Sandie 188v10  
  P.R.Crosbie 199v26  
  P.Burbridge 190v20  
  India Cup - QI - Open
1st R.Robertson 103v10  
2nd D.Parr 102v14  
3rd H.Inglis 102v10  
  P.R.Crosbie 105v19  
  P.Burbridge 105v18  
  McNaughton Cup - QII -Open
1st R.Robertson 149v23  
2nd D.Parr 148v19  
3rd H.Inglis 147v16  
  P.R.Crosbie 150v27  
  P.Burbridge 148v26  
  SRA Silver Medal - Agg. of QII + QIII - Open
1st H.Inglis 341v26  
2nd P.R.Crosbie 333v21  
3rd P.Hunt 331v23  
  P.R.Crosbie 349v53  
  P.Burbridge 338v46  
  Zambia Plate - Saturday Agg. - Open
1st R.Robertson 252v33  
2nd D.Parr 250v33  
3rd H.Inglis 249v26  
  P.R.Crosbie 255v46  
  P.Burbridge 253v41  
Hugh Inglis F Class Open Champion
R Davis & B Stevens Schools TR
Keith Pugh TR Champion
Paul Crosbie TR/F Champion

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