Scotland at the Imperial 2010

The National

Of the four team competitions in which Scotland (may) participate, Scotland won three; the National (TR-short range), the F-class International and the Elcho (MR). Scotland did not win the Mackinnon match (TR-long range).

Scotland win the National, this is the first time using .308 rifles! Well done Lindsay and co. Details here

European Long Range Championships

Scotland in International Team Shoot details here

F Class International Team Shoot

Scotland won the F-class International team shoot; details here

The Anglos Match

Scotland, Wales, ATSC(TR)

Full Results


Scotland National Team
Scotland Combined Services Team
Scotland Mackinnon Team

Scotland v Combined Services

Lindsay Peden
Irene Rowley
Main Coach
Alex Henderson
Mark Wrigley, Craig Stewart, Alan Haggerty


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Scotland 300X 500X 600X Total
Henry Watson 50v6 47v4 47v2 144v12
Rob Morgan 48v6 49v4 49v5 146v15
Euan McLean 50v6 49v6 48v6 147v18
Alex Hunter 48v6 50v7 48v4 146v17
Alex Stewart 49v6 50v8 49v3 148v17
Richard Scott 50v4 50v7 50v7 150v18
Becky Stevens 47v5 49v4 49v7 145v16
Euan Torrance 49v7 47v3 50v6 146v16
Mark Joyce 48v6 49v6 49v5 146v17
Ewan McConnell 49v3 49v7 49v7 147v17
Omer Ahmed 50v8 49v6 49v5 148v19
David Dick 50v5 47v6 50v7 147v18
588v68 585v68 587v64 1760v200
Combined Services 587v72 589v70 580v81 1756v223
England 590v75 595v78 586v75 1771v228
Top Scores
Combined Services Sgt Steve Hier 150v22
England Steve East 149v21
Scotland Richard Scott 150v18