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District / 500X 900X Total
1st West of Scotland
A Mabon 73v11 74v12 147v23
J Potter 74v08 70v06 144v14
C Lamont 74v08 70v05 144v13
M Barton 70v07 73v10 143v17
W Buchanan 72v09 69v05 141v14
J MacDonald 68v06 69v07 137v13
A Allerman 65v03 68v05 133v08
 2nd Tayside
K Baxby 73v07 71v05 144v12
R Scott 73v09 70v06 143v15
A Macpherson 70v05 67v01 137v06
J Bell 69v02 67v06 136v08
I Conacher 71v03 65v04 136v07
J Macrae 62v03 62v01 124v04
 3rd East of Scotland
W Lakay 72v09 73v09 145v18
C McEachran 74v09 67v07 141v16
R Aitken 70v08 67v03 137v11
A Webster 71v04 66v04 137v08
N MacDonald 69v05 63v03 132v08
S Melville 64v03 63v02 127v05
L Borman 66v02 60v02 126v04
 4th Fife & Kinross
M Barlow 74v12 71v05 145v17
M Peebles 73v08 71v08 144v16
R Taylor 69v06 65v02 134v08
B Woodroffe 71v08 56v04 127v12
H Fox 57v01 66v05 123v06


District / 500X 900X Total
1st Fife & Kinross
H Inglis 86 68 154
P Hunt 83 74 157
2nd East of Scotland
R Gow 74 76 150
J McKee 74 74 148
3rd West of Scotland
A Macpherson 78 70 148
R Scaglione 70 72 142
C Young 72 67 139
4th Tayside
J Bell 74 69 143
P Burbridge 74 69 143


  1. Pentagonal (TR): best 5 scores from 8; and not per distance.
  2. Finlux (F): best 2 scores from 3; and not per distance.
  3. F-class shooters; most shooters continued to use the old method of scoring; recording 'Vee's as after the decimals, and some shooters recorded using the newer method of a 'vee' scoring 6; all scores have been adjusted to the 'vee is 6' method.

Also, as was pointed out on the range, the Finlux trophy came into being through AJMunro's son who used to (still does?) run a television shop in Pitlochry. Back then Finlux (from Finland!) were a major supplier of satellite receivers and hence the shape of the trophy. Back then, rural Perthshire was an important market for the new satellite industry; the guests in all those shooting lodges needed satellite television reception to keep up to date with the latest in their back-at-home soaps; Germany, Italy, etc.


Electronic marking, at 500X - a V, a 5 & 2 4s.
Gazebos - no rain
No gazebos - rain
James Bell clutching Wooden stick?
James Bell clutching Wooden stick?
Peter Hunt with Finlux Trophy for F&K
So what's the call, coach?
John Macrae in pensive mood.

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