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Overall Match
Saturday Sunday Weekend
Scotland Thistle 1531v136 1524v158 3055v294
Scotland Heather 1518v122 1506v152 3024v274
LMRA 1540v145 1510v151 3050v296
Top Score
Eddie Bryce 195 172 L&MRA
Tim Kidner 197 175 Scotland

Lindsay Peden, Scotland's Captain writes ... Well shot everyone. There were a good number of possibles and 49’s/74’s. I hope that all of you enjoyed the match, despite the drizzle at the last range, and had a straightforward journey home. I look forward to seeing you all next year.

The course of fire was 2&10 at 3, 6, 9, 10 on the Saturday, and 2&15 at 9, 10, 5 on the Sunday.

Brian Woodroffe, writes ... I ask secretaries or others submitting items for the SRA's webpages to include pictures. I went to this match and yet failed to bring back any photographs, and I did have both a camera and a mobile-phone! So here is my match report. I took the evening plane from Turnhouse, having negotiated BA's new baggage regulations for firearms (£50 per rifle, per flight). Zoe met me at Heathrow and drove us both to Bisley. The match started 8:30am on Saturday on a crystal clear, cloudless day with a substantial dew which dried off by mid morning. The match commenced at 300 yards, on targets 90+. There was a little left wind and I found the sight picture excellent, which was not the case at 500 yards. After lunch to Stickledown. We were squadded mid range. The big boys were down on the left competing for Palma team selection. Again a gentle left wind and excellent picture. However the picture was less good at 1000 for the sun had moved round to the left and was going in and out of cloud, alternately casting shadows and not. Saturday evening, there was an excellent dinner at the L&M. Whereas almost all the Scottish contingent had travelled down - i.e. very few anglos, and hence were game for the dinner, our hosts, because they live locally, and because they had alternative arrangements, was reduced in number. Sunday commenced at 900 at 8:30. The weather was less kind - deteriorating and theatening rain. This time we were down the slope and the Palma trials were centre range; 2+20 for them, so as to train them up for 2+15! I walked up passed their score board to notice that it was (correction) NOT all plain sailing for all of them also, so there is hope for me yet! After lunch, just 500 to go. The weather was from 11 o'clock and the threatening drizzle did turn into a short light shower. Finally those had not exited early to travel there was afternoon tea at the L&MA hosted by Lee Winter. One final note, on both days, the marking varied from the plain good to excellent.

Saturday Scores
SRA-Thistle 300 600 900 1000 Overall
Barr Liz 49v07 48v06 45v02 44v01 186v16
Barton Mike 49v06 47v06 48v04 45v01 189v17
Dick David 50v07 45v02 47v05 46v04 188v18
Lamont Cameron 49v04 50v04 48v05 47v03 194v16
Macdonald Kenny 49v06 49v05 50v04 47v04 195v19
Mackay John 48v06 47v05 50v06 48v02 193v19
Stevens Becky 48v02 49v04 44v01 49v04 190v11
Stewart Craig n/a 44v04 48v03 45v03 137v10
Torrance Ewan 50v07 50v07 48v02 48v04 196v20
Woodroffe Zoe 46v01 48v05 45v01 46v01 185v08
Total of Best 8 Totals ex 10 1531v136
L&MRA 1540v145
300 600 900 1000
Adamson Julia 47v03 49v02 45v02 45v02 186v09
Aitken Bob 41v02 46v03 45v02 44v03 176v10
Allan Bob 44v04 47v05 46v03 44v02 181v14
Davis Becca 48v04 43v03 50v06 47v02 188v15
Gibson Eleanor 49v06 48v02 48v02 46v03 191v13
Kidner Tim 48v05 50v08 49v06 50v05 197v24
Scaglione Ron 48v05 50v06 49v04 43v01 190v16
Scott Richard 50v07 50v06 45v02 46v01 191v16
Stewart Fraser 47v05 48v05 46v03 47v01 188v14
Woodroffe Brian 49v05 46v04 45v03 47v03 187v15
Total of Best 8 Totals ex 10 1518v122
Sunday Scores
900 1000 500 Sun
SRA-Thistle x75 x50 x75 x50 x75
Agg. Match
Barr Liz 74v08 49v04 72v04 48v05 75v12 221v24 172v21
Barton Mike 73v07 48v05 71v08 49v06 75v12 219v25 172v21
Dick David 74v07 49v05 69v03 46v01 73v07 216v17 168v13
Lamont Cameron 73v08 50v05 69v03 44v02 74v10 216v21 168v17
Macdonald Kenny 73v08 49v06 74v07 49v04 75v10 222v25 173v20
Mackay John 74v01 50v07 69v05 45v03 74v09 217v24 169v19
Stevens Becky 73v08 48v05 69v06 46v03 70v06 212v20 164v14
Stewart Craig 73v08 49v07 72v06 47v03 70v03 215v17 166v13
Torrance Ewan 72v10 48v07 72v06 49v03 75v10 219v26 172v20
Woodroffe Zoe 68v04 46v03 63v03 45v02 69v04 200v11 160v09
Total of Best 9 Totals ex 10 1524v16
L&MRA 1510v15
900 1000 500 Sun
SRA-Heather x75 x50 x75 x50 x75
Agg. Match
Adamson Julia 71v06 48v04 71v05 48v02 71v07 213v18 167v13
Aitken Bob 73v06 48v05 68v07 44v04 72v04 213v17 164v13
Allan Bob 72v06 47v06 64v02 41v00 66v01 202v09 154v07
Davis Becca 69v06 47v04 68v06 44v03 74v10 211v22 165v17
Gibson Eleanor 74v09 49v05 67v03 45v02 71v08 212v20 165v15
Kidner Tim 75v13 50v08 74v10 50v06 75v10 224v35 175v26
Scaglione Ron 71v06 46v05 69v05 45v03 73v06 213v17 164v14
Scott Richard 74v09 49v05 70v06 47v03 75v01 219v28 171v21
Stewart Fraser 70v08 49v07 71v06 49v05 71v04 212v18 169v16
Woodroffe Brian 74v09 49v06 68v04 45v03 72v08 214v21 166v17
Total of Best 9 Totals ex 10 1506v152

The Combined Services Match (Friday 24th July)

Scotland - personnel
Match Captain: Lindsay Peden
Adjutant: Irene Rowley
Main Wind Coach: Allan Mabon
Firing Point Team
Coach: Robert Douglas Craig Stewart Allan Haggerty
Plotter/reserve Eilidh Stewart Julia Adamson Mark Joyce
1st down Colin Aitken Cameron Lamont Jonny Borland
2nd down Sam Hunter Grant Jarret Mark Carberry
3rd down Malcolm MacKeith Angus Fyfe Tarne Duhre
4th down Ewan McConnell David Dick Ewan Torrance
The Scores
300X 500X 600X
Sam Hunter 49v6 50v8 50v7 149v21
Ewan McConnell 48v6 50v8 50v6 148v20
Malcolm MacKeith 50v7 50v6 48v6 148v19
Ewan Torrance 49v4 48v4 49v8 146v18
Mark Carberry 50v4 48v5 48v6 146v15
Cameron Lamont 48v3 50v7 48v4 146v11
Jonny Borland 50v6 48v6 47v6 145v18
David Dick 47v2 49v7 47v3 143v12
Colin Aitken 47v4 47v3 49v4 143v11
Angus Fyfe 49v4 47v4 44v3 140v11
Grant Jarret 46v4 48v4 46v1 140v09
Tarne Duhre 49v5 47v3 42v1 138v09
582v55 582v65 568v35 1732v175
1 Combined Services 1785v207
2 England 588v65 585v65 590v65 1763v195
3 Scotland 1732v175
4 Wales 1732v159
5 Ireland 1720v174

SRA v Wales v RAF

Short range
300X 500X 600X Total
B.Logan 33v02 34v05 33v05 100v12
A.Haggerty 32v03 34v04 34v03 100v10
S.Rennie 34v05 31v01 34v05 99v11
I.Shaw 32v02 34v03 33v03 99v08
Z.Woodroffe 33v02 33v02 33v02 99v06
J.Sweet 34v03 31v02 33v03 98v07
B.Roth 32v01 33v02 32v02 97v05
T.Hunter 32v03 33v04 31v03 96v10
S.Davis 31v02 33v03 32v02 96v07
J.MacKay 32v02 32v03 31v01 95v06
D.Hossack 31v02 29v01 34v04 94v07
R.Scott 32v03 31v01 31v03 94v07
R.Aitken 31v02 32v03 31v01 94v06
L.Peden 33v04 31v01 28v02 92v07
A.Brooker 29v00 33v03 30v00 92v03
Scotland 1445v112
Wales 1477v116
RAF 1453v097
Long range
900X 1000X Total
A.McLeod 49v05 47v05 96v10
J.Sweet 49v04 47v03 96v07
B.Logan 48v06 46v04 94v10
L.Peden 48v06 46v03 94v09
I.Shaw 49v04 45v04 94v08
R.Scott 45v05 48v01 93v06
T.Kidner 47v04 45v04 92v08
S.Rennie 45v03 47v04 92v07
D.Hossack 47v06 42v02 89v08
B.Roth 43v04 46v02 89v06
T.Hunter 42v02 47v03 89v05
S.Davis 46v02 42v02 88v04
Scotland 1106v088
Wales 1120v087
RAF 1098v069
Short + Long
1st Wales 2597v203
2nd Scotland 2551v200
3rd RAF 2551v166