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European Long Range
Pos. Country 800X 900X 1000X 1000X Grand
Saturday Sunday Total
1 England 1787v90 1766v64 1732v43 1740v54 7025v251
2 Scotland 1784v85 1750v66 1722v63 1730v50 6986v264
3 Ireland 1790v99 1741v57 1725v51 1728v43 6984v250
4 Channel Islands 1791v92 1733v59 1717v48 1716v53 6957v252
5 Wales 1783v89 1733v58 1708v54 1703v41 6927v242
Scotland Team
T.Kidner 150v8 143v4 145v6 147v5 585v23
R.Scott 150v6 149v4 143v1 143v3 585v14
I.Shaw 148v7 144v7 148v10 144v6 584v30
E.Lamont 149v8 147v6 148v9 140v1 584v24
A.Walker 150v8 144v4 143v7 147v4 584v23
J.Sweet 149v6 150v8 142v4 143v1 584v19
I.Robertson 149v5 146v5 142v5 146v4 583v19
D.Hossack 148v7 145v5 146v6 143v4 582v22
N.Sarafilovic 148v8 146v8 139v3 146v7 579v26
J.Lawrie 149v9 142v4 146v5 142v6 579v24
B.Logan 148v7 148v7 139v2 144v4 579v20
M.Wrigley 146v6 146v4 141v5 145v5 578v20

R. Jarvis Trophy Individual Match 2008



"Emma Lamont was the top Under 23 in the R Jarvis Trophy Individual Match at Bisley over the Intercounties weekend winning The U23 Trophy & a Voucher presented by Fultons. I don’t know her exact score, but it was a 75 with very high V count, I have sent her a message to check and will let you know what it was.": - so writes Ian Shaw, Scottish Captain.

A very pleased Emma