The Scottish 2007

Barry 8th/9th/10th June

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Single stage competitions

  1. Stock Exchange (400m)
  2. Bannockburn (500m)
  3. President's (600m)
  4. Faculty of Advocates' (900x)
  5. City of Glasgow (1000x)

Aggregate competitions

  1. Grand Aggregate(4, 6, 4, 5, 600m & 900x)
  2. Association Medals (400m, 600m)
  3. Scottish Championship - first stage (4, 5 & 600m)
  4. Scottish Championship second stage
  5. Scottish Championship - final (900x & 1000x)
  6. Caledonian shield - first stage (4, 5 & 600m)
  7. Caledonian shield - final
  8. Friday aggregate
  9. Saturday/ Sunday aggregate
  10. Special XX medals
  11. NRA silver medal (500m, 600m, 600m)
  12. Veterans (400m, 500m, 600m)
  13. School pupil's prize
  14. Scottish under 25yrs

Team Competitions

  1. Darnley plate (clubs)
  2. Lawrence trophy (International)
  3. Schools' & Universities'
Colin Aitken sticking them all in the Vee to take the Stock Exchange
Knocked down to England for a single Vee - The Lawrence Trophy
Four way tie at 1000 yards
Friday ran so well we were bound to pay for it later
James Watson consoles Guy Trembatch after their tie shoot
Lindsay Peden took the Association Gold medal
Some of these F-Class calibres can play havoc with the targets
The RCO's chair in Out-of-Office automated reply mode

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