The Scottish 2006

Barry 10th/11th June


A letter of thanks from the meeting's organiser

Both personally and on behalf of the Council of the SRA, I wish to thank all competitors for their support of last weekend’s ‘Scottish’ at Barry Buddon. In particular, thanks for the forbearance shown when on occasion things went just a little bit pear-shaped, thereby presenting us all with a variety of opportunities for rising to challenging situations. Thanks also to all those who freely helped with range rigging and de-rigging throughout the course of the weekend. That effort was considerable and was greatly appreciated by the small number of us who take responsibility for overall organisation of the event.

Running a reasonably major competition on an MoD facility – indeed, probably on any facility other than Bisley – is fraught with all sorts of difficulties, some, such as obtaining experienced markers, being known in advance, and others, such as short notice cancellations being unforeseeable but yet integral to the whole process. Running such an event at Barry has of all of these – in spades! So much is outwith our control and we have to accept that we are not top of the heap where range usage priorities are concerned. Which is not at all to say that Landmarc, the Army or the range staff are indifferent to our plight and I should therefore like strongly to emphasise that we receive every support and consideration from them where our once-yearly use of Barry Buddon is concerned. Liaison with these bodies is handled most effectively by our Chairman, Bob Aitken, who gives this matter a great deal of time and effort on behalf of the Association.

I congratulate those who won medals and trophies hope that all who took part enjoyed the weekend in spite of its sometimes impeded progress and had safe journeys home on Sunday evening.

Allan Mabon

A general view north general view North over the town of Carnoustie and its golf courses. The white building, central, is the "course hotel" and is beside the starter's hut.
A general view South into the very strong sun on Sunday (The weather on Saturday was less favourable)
The man in charge ... ... a lonely job!

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(At £138 for a one round ticket on the championship course, makes shooting look cheap!)