300m Invitation 2006

Jubilee Range Glen Tilt 30th June

The competition was shot on a dry day, but in a tricky wind which reminded shooters just how small is the 10 ring on a 300m target.

The TR winner was Eddie Jones (for at least the 3rd time). In F Class the Crosbie hegemony was broken by Derek Newlands.

One competitor gets a mention in dispatches for shooting on target 3 while spotting and correcting on target 2, reducing what he thought was a good group with only 3 off to a not-quite-so-good group with 23 off.

The organising committee's liquid commendation was again awarded to Alistair Munro who faced 150 targets, and did all the scoring on the day.


  TR Winner's  
1st Eddie Jones 15 points
2nd Mike Barton 12 points with 12X
3rd Mark Joyce 12 points with 10X
Highest Aggregate TR  
Mark Joyce 472.10
Eddie Jones 469.17
Mike Barton 468.12
Highest detail score TR  
Mike Barton 99.4
John McRae 96.4
Richard Scott 96.2
  F Class  
1st Derek Newlands 20 points
2nd Paul Crosbie 19 points
3rd Jim McKee 17 points 17 X
4th Peter Burbridge 17 points 14X
Highest Aggregate F  
Paul Crosbie 496.26
Derek Newlands 495.29
Peter Burbridge 487.14
Highest detail score F  
Derek Newlands 100.7
Crosbie & Derek Newlands 100.6
Paul Crosbie 100.5