Anglo-Scots v The Army, Wales and the Army Target Rifle Club 2003



300x 300x 900x 1000x Total
Mark Wrigley 50v7 50v5 49v4 46v2 195v22
Bill Sharman 49v7 48v6 48v3 49v5 194v21
John Mackay 47v5 50v8 47v3 47v6 191v22
Sarah Rennie 47v0 48v6 49v8 45v2 189v16
Richard   Dyball 47v2 50v7 47v2 45v1 189v12
Henry Watson 47v6 47v5 49v2 45v2 188v15
Alan Haggerty   45v1 46v2 46v4 47v2 184v09
SRA 332v28 339v39 335v26 324v20 1330v117
Army 338v43 343v37 337v36 334v24 1352v140
Wales 338v37 345v43 333v38 326v23 1342v141
ATRC 1322v106

Report by Alan Haggerty, Secretary and Match Captain

The annual match of the Anglo-Scots, or the English District of the Scottish Rifle Association – to give it its full and proper title, was fired on Sunday 22nd June 2003. Seven hardy souls braved the mist and the thunderstorm which prevented the NRA from sounding the hooter to start shooting at 8:30a.m. as usual. Discussions among the team captains as to how we might modify the match course of fire were curtailed when, conditions having clearly improved, the hooter went at 8:35a.m. Possibly it was just it being struck by lightning, but everyone carried on anyway.

Mark and Womble were persuaded to coach and, perhaps knowing which side their bread was buttered, got each other 49v7 and 50v7 at 300x, leaving the rest of the team with various shades of 47, except for the Captain who struggled to break 45. Scores followed the weather at 600x, generally improved: John and Richard had 50v8 and 50v7 with Mark staying clean for the short range. There were also two 48s but the captain only managed to improve by 1.1 which prompted contemplation of a drastic change, bringing the No. 4 out of retirement for the long range half perhaps? Fortunately a try of Mark’s long range gun was offered and accepted and 5 shots at 600x to get an elevation yielded 25v3 without a wind coach, leaving but one conclusion….anyone know a good gunsmith?

After lunch the weather really improved, the sun shone, the ice cream van actually sold some ice cream – which was to the closest to a 99 I got all day, shorts were in evidence……and the wind got up. The scores held up well at 900x, only three points separating bottom from top, Henry and Mark getting 49s but outdone by Sarah on 49v8. Things changed rapidly at 1000x - Womble was far and away our best with 49v5. I shot straight after him, the target showed his last bull, fired on 3 left whereas my sighter (and all the other shots!) showed that 9 left was required! Sadly the Army did very well at this range taking 10 points off us. Although we matched Wales at long range, the 12 point lead they had over us from the morning saw them into second place.

A splendid tea followed in the Army and the top scorers in the other teams, John Howard-Davis (Wales) 195v29, Mark Roberts (ATRC) 196v21 and Angus McLeod (Army) 196v22 were presented with an SRA badge for their efforts.