Scotland v RAFTRC v Wales v Ireland v English XX Club 2001

Bisley 12/13 May



Saturday 12th May

National Match course of fire (teams of 20 + 5 coaches)

England XX - 2005v174 High Score Tom Spencer 104v13

Scotland - 2004v183 High Score Dorothy Hume 105v12

RAFTRC - 1963v152 High Score Geoff Cox 102v11

Ireland (16)** - 1582v134 High Score Lynne Johnson 104v12

Wales (14)** -1358v103 High Score John Howard Davies 102v13

** Ireland and Wales were unable to field full teams. Numbers in brackets.

Sunday 13th May

Mackinnon Match course of fire (teams of 12 + coaches)

England XX - 1131v83 High Score Nigel Ball 97v5

Wales - 1109v86 High Score Russ Jackson 96v13

Scotland - 1108v94 High Score Chas Rowley 97v8

RAFTRC - 1103v61 High Score Neil Moxon 97v7

Ireland -1083v55 High Score Peter barry 98v6