Lochboisdale Match

20th September 2020

Lochboisdale Match for 2020 took place last Sunday 20th September. Two teams took part, West Atholl and West of Scotland rifle clubs. Weather conditions could not have been better with a warm sunny day and a light but tricky breeze. Attendance could have been better, but allowing for members returning from Bisley and injury to another, it would have been similar to last year.

West Atholl fielded nine members and West of Scotland only five. Atholl kindly donated one member to even things up a bit. It was decided that the best five aggregate scores would count for the match.

After 500 yards, West of Scotland were ahead by one point with 364.38 against West Atholl with 363.44.

After 600 yards, West of Scotland fell apart and West Atholl raced ahead to win the match by a very convincing margin of 18 points and 10vs.

Final scores were West Atholl 714.76, West of Scotland 696.66.

Notable scores were by K.MacDonald and K.Baxby (WARC) with 147.21 and 146.17 respectively. J.Roberts (WOSRC) made the only possible with a 75.9 at 500 yards. K.MacDonald was the lucky winner of a bottle of Jura's finest, kindly presented by John Gaskell, captain of the winning team.

Thanks to all who took part in the shoot, including those shooting FTR alongside.


John Potter



West Atholl, Lochboisdale winners 2020.

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