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Club Results for 17th September

Our last long range shoot of 2017 was quite challenging with purposeful winds coming in from the North East depositing any uncorrected shots high left or low right. Mercifully conditions remained dry and bright throughout the day enabling a number of our members to fall back to 1233 yards where all but two shot scoped rifles of various specifications. Our Club Treasurer and our Club Chairman shot regular TR with 155gr bullets and acquitted themselves well against the higher BC loads used by the others, the Treasurer managing to keep all his shots in the Vee, Bull and Inner!

  900yds 1000yds  
Name TR TR Total
K Baxby 97.08 89.04 186.12
J Potter 93.05 90.05 183.10
K MacDonald 95.10 86.05 181.15
J Roberts* 92.10 87.01 179.11
J MacDonald 86.04 87.05 173.09
J Rankin 85.03 82.03 167.06
W Kilmartin 90.02 77.04 167.06
Name Club FTR Club FTR Total
R Scaglione 99.14 97.10 196.24
Dasiukevich 96.09 89.08 185.17
M Barton 93.04 86.03 179.07
V Vyshemirsky 87.07 90.07 177.14
H Binns 77.01 0.00 77.01
Name FTR FTR Total
  N/R N/R N/R
P Crosbie 95.09 95.12 190.21
P Baxter 93.03 81.01 174.04
S Mayer 85.03 86.03 171.06
A Manson 78.00 77.00 155.00
A Cochrane 64.00 67.00 131.00
Name F Class F Class Total
P Sandie 97.03 89.01 186.04
H Inglis 82.02 96.06 178.08
R Thomson 90.04 82.01 172.05
Above as per score cards returned. Others attended but not recorded.
Murray Cup Results 10th September

Twelve TR, two TR/F and two F Class enjoyed a soggy day with the consolation of light winds enabling some very high scores at all 3 ranges.

Ron Scaglione won the Murray Cup by one V Bull ahead of John Potter, both dropping just 4 points over the day. Ron was also awarded the Smith Tankard for the aggregate of the highest score today and at the Tullibardine 2 weeks ago. Peter Burbridge took the Club F/TR Quaiche and Paul Sandie won the F Class Quaiche.

Thanks go to John Potter for a well managed day, to all those who assisted with the set up, changeover and close down and to Mark for armoury duty at both ends of the day.

John Macdonald, Chairman WARC

Not the best of conditions!
Under cover
900yd firing point
Looks like shooting from the undergrowth
Dress code!
Ronald Scaglione Murray Cup winner 2017
Ronald Scaglione also Smith Trophy winner 2017
TR 500 yds 600 yds 900 yds Agg
R J Scaglione 75v13 72v11 74v90 221v33
John Potter 75v14 74v12 72v6 221v32
K Macdonald 74v11 75v13 71v6 220v3
T Kidner 73v11 71v8 73v9 217v28
Keith Baxby 72v7 75v12 68v11 215v3
John Gaskell 74v6 73v5 67v2 214v13
John Macdonald 69v4 70v8 70v7 209v19
Peter Dingle 64v2 72v6 69v5 205v13
John Rankin 65v3 67v5 70v4 202v12
Bill Kilmartin 70v3 70v5 66v4 196v12
John MacRae 74v7      
Mark Guest 72v4 70v4    
Club F/TR (TR Target)        
Peter Burbridge 75v10 73v9 75v12 223v31
Quintin Lyle 72v6 75v9 73v8 220v23
TR/F( F/Class Target)        
Paul Sandie 74v9 74v7 75v10 223v26
Hugh Ingles 75v8 73v5 69v2 217v15

Club Results for 31st July

Sunday 31st saw twenty-four members and 3 guests including Alastair from Australia who was kindly allowed to shoot with Paul Crosbies rifle and apparently showed Paul how it's done 😀. We gathered on the range for the second Club long range shoot of this season, weather was mild but overcast with reasonably light wind and the forecast expected showers failed to materialise but the Gods hadn't completely let us off with it as target two was still out of commission and occasionally target five misbehaved however we muddled through the day. The scores don't reflect the turnout as a number of cards were not returned and most of the committee were attending a meeting so didn't complete the shoot.

Name Class 900yd 1000yd Total
J. Potter B 98v10 93v6 191v16
R.J. Scaglione TR 93v9 96v10 189v19
K. MacDonald TR 94v5 92v6 186v11
A. Mabon TR 93v8 89v5 182v13
J. Rankin TR 88v4 91v2 179v6
A. Hay TR 94v6 82v2 176v8
K. Baxby TR 92v10 83v2 175v12
N. Macdonald TR 53v2 77v1 130v3
J. Gaskell   95v9 90v7 185v16
G. Hogston   nsr 78v1 78v1
FTR F/ class        
P. Crosbie   82v2 81v2 163v4
D. Ogilvie   85v3 76v0 161v3
P. McLaughlin   80v1 73v1 153v2
A. Manson   71v0 67v4 138v4
R. Shaw   69v0 69v1 138v1
F/ Open        
H. Inglis   92v3 91v3 183v6
R. Thomson   97v3 86v3 183v6
R. Gow   90v2 83v1 173v3

Club Results for 13th August

A total of18 members and one guest shooter turned out for what was a relaxed day's shooting, weather was kind but with just enough little zephyrs of wind to catch the unwary off their guard and one short shower to cool us down. Noticeable was the absence of a number of F Class shooters who apparently are off to Canada shooting in a major over there, we wish them well.

NAME 400yds 500yds 600yds  
  TR TR TR Total
K. MacDonald 74.8v 73.10v 75.12v 222.30v
M. Barton 73.6v 74.7v 69.7v 216.20v
J. Macdonald 69.3v 73.7v 71.4v 213.14v
J. Gaskell 71.6v 69.8v 72.4v 212.18v
J. Potter 68.7v 70.5v 70.8v 208.20v
V. Vyshemirsky 67.3v 71.3v 69.3v 207.9v
J. Rankin 65.4v 67.3v 74.7v 206.14v
B. Kilmartin 64.3v 67.4v 71.6v 202.13v
V. Dasiukevich 58.2v 68.3v 63.0v 189.5v
N. Macdonald 66.5v 61.0v 57.1v 184.6v
T. McLaren 63.1v 60.1v 60.1v 183.3v
A. Mabon 61.5v 66.3v NSR 127.8v
NAME F/Open F/Open F/Open Total
R. Shaw 69.5v 67.2v 60.3v 196.10v
M. Guest 64.2v 62.2v NSR 126.4v
NAME FTR/Club FTR/Club FTR/Club Total
J. McCall 71.5v 75.10v 71.5v 217.20v
E. Jones 75.11v 73.7v 68.4v 216.22v
G. Hogston 62.1v 75.11v 73.5v 210.17v

Club Results for 30th July

Twenty seven attended the 900x & 1000x shoots and a further four for a 1100x extra shoot. Quite a good turnout.

  900yds 1000yds  
Name TR TR Total
J Potter 96.10 96.11 192.21
C Halleran 96.09 95.08 191.17
K MacDonald 97.10 93.05 190.15
K Baxby 97.08 92.04 189.12
M Barton 93.03 93.07 186.10
M Ozmond 94.07 91.04 185.11
J Rankin 94.08 90.05 184.13
A Hay 85.08 96.05 181.13
T McLaren 92.05 83.00 175.05
J Gaskell 83.04 89.07 172.11
J Roberts* 84.03 87.06 171.09
A Mabon 87.04 0.00 87.04
D Gow 87.04 0.00 87.04
Name Club FTR Club FTR Total
R Scaglione 99.14 98.14 197.28
J McCall 89.08 93.09 182.17
Q Lyle 88.05 83.10 171.15
I Richards 0.00 95.08 95.08
Name FTR FTR Total
P Crosbie 95.09 95.12 190.21
P Baxter 93.03 81.01 174.04
S Mayer 85.03 86.03 171.06
A Manson 78.00 77.00 155.00
A Cochrane 64.00 67.00 131.00
Name F Class F Class Total
P Sandie 92.06 94.06 186.12
R Thomson 94.03 92.06 186.09
H Inglis 95.08 88.04 183.12
R Gow 92.05 91.02 183.07
R Shaw 79.03 80.03 159.06

Club Results for 4th June

Sunday 4th June saw seventeen members, two potential members and one guest turn out for Club shoot number four. As the targets were already set up with 5/600 faces we commenced at five hundred then moved to six hundred then changed the faces before finishing at four hundred. The weather was not particularly kind to us and the gazebo's were soon erected and employed throughout the day, although the wind was finicky it only tried to move the gazebo's back towards the butts at four hundred but was foiled by the rapid application of pegs and straps. Despite the changeable conditions some good scores were achieved and some were unlucky, many thanks to all who pitched in and helped the day run particularly to those few who acted as R O's on the line.

NAME 400Yds 500Yds 600Yds TOTAL  
  TR TR TR    
J. Potter 71.06 75.07 75.09 221.22  
K. Macdonald 74.08 73.04 74.09 221.21  
D. Gow 73.09 72.06 71.05 216.20  
M. Barton 70.05 71.04 73.08 216.17  
N. R. Wells 73.06 69.05 67.06 209.17  
N. Macdonald 70.02 69.06 70.03 209.11  
J. Macdonald 68.04 68.04 69.04 205.12  
V. Vyshemirsky 69.03 66.00 61.03 196.06  
T. McLaren 57.02 66.03 50.00 173.05  
A. Hay 75.11 74.14 74.06 223.31  
J. McCall 74.08 73.06 73.08 220.22  
NAME FTR F/Class FTR F/Class FTR F/Class TOTAL  
H. Binns 71.05 74.07 68.06 213.18  
J. Milner 72.04 72.05 68.04 212.13  
P. Binns 73.07 73.08 65.02 211.17  
M. Guest 64.00 71.06 61.03 196.09  
NAME F / Open F / Open F / Open TOTAL  
R. Gow 70.04 73.10 72.03 215.17  
P. Sandie 71.05 70.02 74.07 215.14  
R. Thomson 72.08 73.09 69.04 214.21  
R. Shaw 73.05 73.09 66.03 212.17  

Club Results for 7th May

On a bright & sunny but breezy day sixteen members and four prospective members turned out for Club shoot #3 Shooting commenced after a slow start to the day whilst the range was set up with the first shot going off about 10:30, the target system performed without a hitch throughout the day with the only queries being on the odd shot put on the wrong target. Although the wind conditions were proving tricky every now and then at four & five hundred, when we moved back to six hundred it was noticeably blowing harder and this is reflected in the scores. Thanks to all who helped set up and then close down the range and we hope you all enjoyed the day.

Name 400yds 500yds 600yds Total
  TR TR TR  
K. MacDonald 74.08 73.07 69.05 216.20
J. Potter 72.10 72.05 71.08 215.23
J. Macdonald 70.07 73.06 65.05 208.18
J. McRae 69.06 71.08 65.03 206.16
Name Club FTR Club FTR Club FTR Total
G. Hogston 70.03 70.04 66.04 206.11
I. Richards 61.02 68.07 66.03 195.12
Name FTR FTR FTR Total
G. Dunlop 67.02 58.01 68.05 193.08
R. Shaw 68.04 63.05 57.00 188.09
H. Binns 67.04 60.00 59.01 186.05
J. Milner 65.01 57.01 64.03 186.05
A. Manson 65.01 60.01 59.00 184.02
Name F Class F Class F Class Total
P. Sandie 73.05 72.04 70.05 215.14
R. Thomson 73.08 71.05 69.03 213.16
R. Gow 69.04 70.05 68.01 207.10

Club Results for 16th April

Our first long range shoot of the calendar was well attended by 26 shooters from West Atholl and the NRCofS.

Conditions were wet to begin with and warranted the use of the gazebos which had been stored in the target shed over the winter, unfortunately we soon discovered evidence of rodent activity with two of the canopies sporting increased ventilation.

The first detail was interrupted by a communication fault but it was corrected and the target systems performed reliably for subsequent details at 900x and the change to 1000x. At the end of the day a sample of shots reported to have landed in the white was cross referenced with a visual inspection of the refaced targets to gauge the accuracy of the newly refurbished systems and we’re pleased to report the fall of shot is being accurately displayed on the firing point monitors. Winds were light but by no means static with numerous 4.9s and quite a few 3.9s being recorded throughout the day.

  900yds 1000yds  
Name TR TR Total
R Scaglione 98.12 98.10 196.22
J Potter 97.13 94.08 191.21
Steven Duncan 98.13 90.04 188.17
K MacDonald 95.07 93.07 188.14
M Barton 93.07 93.05 186.12
B Kilmartin 92.06 87.05 179.11
J Gaskell 93.03 85.03 178.06
J McRae 96.03 82.00 178.03
J McDonald 92.05 84.06 176.11
D Gow 69.04 74.02 143.06
T Kidner 100.17 0.00 100.17
K Baxby 98.14 0.00 98.14
J Rankin 81.04 0.00 81.04
Name Club FTR Club FTR Total
R Shaw 99.10 96.10 195.20
A Cochrane 98.13 78.03 176.16
Name FTR FTR Total
M Guest 89.09 91.07 180.16
A Robinson 88.07 87.05 175.12
P McLaughlin 94.04 79.02 173.06
I Richards 83.03 88.03 171.06
A Manson 92.06 65.01 157.07
P Crosbie 94.08 0.00 94.08
Name F Class F Class Total
H Inglis 96.08 96.04 192.12
P Sandie 94.05 96.07 190.12
R Gow 96.10 81.01 177.11

Club Results for 2nd April

Our first shoot was particularly well attended and delayed for various reasons.

At the start we were delayed due to a simple wiring fault of our own making on target 6, where two acoustic sensors were wired to the wrong positions on the circuit board. The result of this was that high shots were indicated low and vice versa.

Correcting on these indicated shot positions quickly leads to madness, so we stopped the shooting and corrected the wiring. This probably caused around a thirty minute delay.

The rest of the time lost was due to the extreme slowness of members getting into position and in filling in vacant targets. It also took a long time to move between 500 & 600.

Shooting at 600 did not finish till around 1530 hrs and the general feeling was that changing target faces to shoot 400, would result in a very late end to the day.

It was decided that those who wanted to shoot again would shoot a non counting 2 + 10 at 500 yards, the advantage being that people could then leave the range. (Not possible from 600 whilst shooting is in progress)

The weather was kind, with no need for gazeebos, and a light breeze.

  500yds 600yds 500yds*  
Name TR TR TR* Total
M Barton 75.08 74.08 49.04* 149.16
K Baxby 72.10 73.11 48.05* 145.21
T Kidner 73.08 72.07 48.06* 145.15
C Halleran 74.04 67.04 50.04* 141.08
P Lucey 71.05 69.08 48.01* 140.13
J Gaskell 72.03 68.04 48.05* 140.07
J McDonald 69.03 70.06 44.00* 139.09
D Gow 72.08 59.03 47.04 131.11
RG Scott 72.08 75.10 0.00* 147.18
K MacDonald 74.09 72.09 0.00* 146.18
J Potter 70.10 75.08 0.00* 145.18
Name Club FTR Club FTR Club FTR* Total
E Rogers 75.08 70.05 48.03* 145.13
G Hogston 70.03 72.07 49.08* 142.10
I Richards 71.08 68.10 42.01* 139.18
Name FTR FTR FTR* Total
R Shaw 67.06 65.04 43.01* 132.10
G Dunlop 68.01 59.01 47.02* 127.02
A Manson 67.08 60.01 45.04* 127.09
A Cochrane 48.01 49.02 38.00* 97.03
Name F Class F Class F Class* Total
Nil Nil Nil Nil* Nil
      *= Non Scoring shoot

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