Crosses Team Shoot - Cawdor vs West Atholl

19th June 2016

The Match was was well organised, but unfortunately ran late due to the large number of shooters so the match was reduced to 2 ranges.

West Atholl won both matches - the TR match by a significant margin but the scoring in the F/TR match was very high and both teams only dropped 2 points but West Atholl won by a margin of 5 Vs.

The Gold Cross for the TR match was won by Mark Joyce with a score of 147v18 and the SRA silver medals for the F/TR match were won by Paul Bins and Graeme Dunlop who both scored 150v29.

Weather was kind with dry and very light wind, but just enough to put you in the inner if not careful.

TR Trophy
Cawdor Tavern
with assembled shooters and guests
Tim Kidner announcing results
James Kettle looking pleased with himself with a bronze medal
Mark Joyce - top TR score gold medal
Paul Binns F/TR top score for WARC
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TARGET RIFLE 300M 475X Total   F/TR 300M 475X Total  
J.Potter 72v10 74v12 146v22 Silver Cross P.Binns 75v14 75v15 150v29 Silver Medal
T.Kidner 71v8 74v9 145v17 Bronze Cross J.Kettle 75v14 75v14 150v28 Bronze Medal
K.Baxby 73v10 72v5 145v15   H.Binns 75v11 75v14 150v25  
M.Barton 72v8 72v8 144v16   J.Gaskell 74v13 74v12 148v25  
K.MacDonald 71v10 71v8 142v18            
Team Total 359v46 363v42 722v88   Team Total 299v52 299v55 598v107  
CAWDOR RC         CAWDOR RC        
M.Joyce 74v8 73v10 147v18 Gold Cross G.Dunlop 75v14 75v15 150v29 Silver Medal
J.McRae 72v5 70v7 142v12   G.Miller 75v13 75v13 150v26  
A.Bochel 70v6 71v9 141v15   J.D-Webster 75v12 75v12 150v24  
P.Dingle 67v4 69v6 136v10   Sarah Mair 74v12 74v11 148v23  
D.Smith 67v2 66v3 133v5   A.Stewart {73v7} {73v10} {146v17}  
M.Ferrari {65} {48v2} {113v2}   M.Asker {69v7} {70v5} {139v12}  
N.Collier {55} {54v2} {109v2}   Steven Mair {64v3} {73v9} {137v12}  
          D.Squires {57v6} {61v2} {118v8}  
Team Total         Team Total        
Top 5 scores 350v25 349v35 699v6   Top 4 scores 299v51 299v51 598v102  

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