Lochboisdale 2015

Majority of the winning team

The match was held on a glorious sunny day, with a tricky wind at times but welcome to keep away the midges. This year for the first time, the match was 2 + 15 at 500 and 600 after a 500 yard practice. Two teams of ten competed and the best six from 10 formed the team.

West Atholl won the match, five points ahead of West of Scotland after 500, but only one point ahead after 600 was added.

West Atholl total 863.78v ex 900. 500 yards total 432.39v, 600 yards total 431.39v
West of Scotland 862.83v ex 900. 500 yards total 427.39v, 600 yards total 435.44v

High scorer in the West Atholl team was Tim Kidner with 150.21v Claire Halleran was WofS high scorer with 146.12v (75.7 at 600 yards)

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