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Club Results for 6th April

Nineteen members and one visitor attended on a blustery and wet day which turned the 500 yard parking area into a skating rink. Scores were returned from a total of 16 shooters. Some who were expected to attend didn’t show up which may have been the sensible option. Once the targets were put to bed the sun appeared and sunglasses were needed for the drive home.

TR 400 500 600 Agg
Kenny Macdonald 72 v6 74 v8 71 v7 217 v21
Mike Barton 72 v6 73 v6 71 v5 216 v17
Tim Kidner 72 v5 74 v10 67 v7 213 v22
Matthew Bissett 70 v4 62 v1 69 v5 201 v10
Sean Thomas 62 v2 65 v3 64 v4 191 v9
Wendy Thomas 64 v3 68 v1 58 v1 190 v5
F Open                
Paul Sandie 72 v10 73 v4 69 v5 214 v19
Robert Thomson 69 v4 71 v5 71 v3 211 v12
Hugh Inglis 72 v4 69 v5 69 v2 210 v11
Peter Hunt 71 v3 70 v3 67 v2 208 v8
Club FTR                
Paul Crosbie 75 v14 73 v12 75 v14 223 v40
Pat McLaughlin 73 v10 74 v7 75 v9 222 v26
Jim Kettle 73 v9 72 v4 75 v10 220 v23
Gerry Hogston 74 v6 73 v6 72 v8 219 v20
John Milner 74 v8 72 v6 70 v4 216 v18
David Squires (visitor) 65 v6 70 v2 65 v1 200 v9



Club Results for 20th April

A beautiful warm and sunny day with a difficult (for some of us) fishtailing breeze at 1000 yards.

TR 900 1000 Agg
Kenny Macdonald 97 v11 95 v7 192 v18
Mike Barton 98 v11 92 v5 190 v16
Pete Dingle 100 v10 79 v4 179 v14
Steve Duncan 86 v2 87 v3 173 v5
John Macdonald 89 v2 81 v5 170 v7
Wendy Thomas 91 v5 78 v4 169 v4
Sean Thomas 81 v4 84 v4 165 v8
Matthew Bissett 87 v2 76 v2 163 v4
John Macrae 85 v2 73 v0 158 v2
Tim Kidner 100 v14     100 v14
F Open            
Robert Thomson 95 v7 84 v3 179 v10
Hugh Inglis 94 v3 82 v1 176 v4
Peter Hunt 95 v8 88 v3 183 v11
Robin Gow 98 v6 83 v1 181 v7
Club FTR            
Paul Crosbie 100 v20 100 v17 100 v37
Pat McLaughlin 100 v18 97 v12 197 v30
Peter Baxter 98 v13 99 v15 197 v28
Peter Burbridge 99 v8 93 v10 192 v18
Gerry Hogston 93 v11 91 v3 184 v14
John Milner 100 v14 85 v5 185 v19
Mark Guest 63 v1 46 v0 109 v1


Club Results for 11th May

Despite the threatened rain and use of the gazebos, the day remained dry with a light but challenging headwind for the 18 who turned out. Thanks to those who arrived early and also stayed on to change the target faces for the next range users.

TR 900 1000 Agg
Kenny Macdonald 95 v8 95 v10 190 v18
Mike Barton 94 v6 91 v4 185 v10
John Macrae 93 v8 84 v3 177 v11
Bill Kilmartin 78 v4 68 v2 146 v6
Robbie Taylor 93 v4     93 v4
F Open            
Robert Thomson 96 v4 88 v5 184 v9
Hugh Inglis 93 v8 90 v6 183 v14
Paul Sandie 91 v9 89 v4 180 v13
Robin Gow 91 v3 73 v1 164 v4
Club FTR            
Paul Crosbie 100 v20 98 v16 198 v36
Peter Burbridge 97 v7 97 v13 194 v20
Derek Newlands (guest) 96 v9 97 v14 193 v23
Pat McLaughlin 97 v6 92 v6 189 v12
Mark Guest 92 v5 96 v9 188 v14
John Milner 98 v13 89 v3 187 v16
Peter Baxter 91 v6 92 v2 183 v8

Club Shoot 29th June

Fourteen members and four probationary members enjoyed a short-range shoot on a day of sunshine, apart from one very brief light shower, but significant stiff breeze- very much more than the forecast 4-6 mph. This was mostly head -on with rapid changes to 3 o'clock so some magpies appeared. At 600yds TR and F/TR shot an extra 5 rounds for the postal match v Perth Australia.

The most notable feature of the day was the fact that ELEVEN people stayed on to help close down-surely a record, so we changed faces for the next shoot and still had the job done in 20 mins. Many thanks to those people. Unfortunately this momentous event was recorded on the chairman's 8 year old mobile and is lost in cyberspace, perhaps because not enough coal had been put in the slot on the back. Let us have a repeat of this altruism at the next club shoot for another photo opportunity.

  400 500 600 Day Total
K MacDonald 72v11 73v9 73v10 218v30
S Duncan 71v8 71v5 70v2 212v15
M Barton 70v5 71v7 67v5 208v17
W Kilmartin 71v6 70v5 66v6 207v17
J McRae 66v5 69v3 61v3 196v11
A Wilson(PM) 61v2 66v2 63v2 190v6
K Baxby 66v3 00v0 00v0 66v3
Open F        
P Hunt 71v4 70v5 70v6 211v15
P Sandie 71v4 70v4 70v4 211v12
R Robertson 73v3 63v1 70v5 206v9
F/TR @ TR target        
PMcLaughlin 74v6 74v8 72v11 220v25
J Milner 72v7 74v10 71v11 217v28
J McCall 71v9 72v5 70v5 213v19
W van Stipriaan(PM) 70v3 70v7 71v9 211v19
J Morrison 62v1 68v4 71v5 201v10

Club Shoot 6th July

Only 6 members wanted to submit to the humiliation of shooting on a 300m ISSF display from 400yds. They enjoyed a mostly sunny day with a couple of showers each lasting a minute or so, and enough wind to dispel the midges. Kenny MacDonald was the winner again, but by a margin of "only" 26 points ex 600, compared to last year's 53 point lead. Pat McLaughlin was the F/TR winner, by 6 points from probationary member Walther van Stipriaan.

Jubilee Range at its best in early July (if you like bracken)
The MacDonald hegemony continues
Pat McLaughlin breaks the Burbridge hegemony (but Peter was not there)
  300m Target at 400yds  
  1st string 2nd string 3rd string Day Total
K MacDonald 192x5 191x7 188x2 571x14
K Baxby 179x0 179x1 187x3 545x4
W Kilmartin 184x2 180x3 171x0 535x5
P McLaughlin 184x3 180x3 184x3 548x9
W van Stipriaan 185x4 172x0 185x4 542x8
G Hogston 184x1 177x5 154x0 515x6

Club Shoot 3rd August

Twelve members, 3 probationary members, a guest and a visitor shot the Club Short Range Shoot on Sunday 3rd August. We put up the gazebos at 400, thus ensuring a dry shoot; did not need them at 500, but were very grateful that they were needed "to keep the monitors dry" during the tropical downpour at 600. At one stage the targets were almost invisible-except to one member from Dulnain Bridge who must have had a Red-Sea style parting of the deluge between him and the target.

    400 500 600   Day Total
K MacDonald   73v11 75v10 75v13   223v34
M Barton   74v8 74v6 70v6   218v20
E Jones   74v7 68v6 72v7   214v20
K Baxby   71v3 68v4 72v7 ` 211v14
P Dingle   68v7 69v3 72v4   209v14
N MacDonald   71v2 67v4 68v5   206v11
J McRae   65v3 71v6 69v4   205v13
J MacDonald   63v0 66v5 69v8   198v13
N Bowden (PM) 62v1 58v1 64v2   184v4
V Vyshemirsk (G) 51v0 63v1 57v1   171v2
P Gray (PM) 55v0 53v1 63v1   171v2
Open F            
D Rhouma   74v4 69v6 63v2   206v12
M Guest   N/S 51v1 69v1   120v2
Club F/TR @ TR target        
PMcLaughlin   75v12 73v11 74v12   222v35
W van Stipriaan (PM) 68v4 69v3 72v4   209v11
John Morrison   67v4 73v5 67v7   207v16
M Hanlon (V) 61v0 62v0 45v0   168v0

Club Shoot 31st August

Eighteen of us enjoyed a day of sunshine and light winds, marred only by repeated problems with the target system, so the last shot was fired at 5pm. I am grateful to those who helped with the several tasks of the day, and especially to those who stayed on after this late finish to help close down. I hope most of us got home by nightfall. Thanks to some sterling work by James Bell it looks as if the problems with the target system have been solved. Inside one monitor a metal shield had come adrift and was hopping around with the shock of muzzle blast, causing intermittent electronic mayhem: yet another example of "the perversity of inanimate objects". Well done James!

    400 500 600   Day Total
K MacDonald   75v12 73v10 75v11   223v33
M Barton   73v9 75v9 73v9   221v27
K Baxby   74v10 70v4 69v5   213v19
M Ozmond   70v5 72v8 71v3   213v16
A Mabon   68v3 74v10 70v4   212v17
W Kilmartin   70v6 70v3 68v5   208v14
N MacDonald   67v5 74v7 63v3   204v15
J MacDonald   69v5 68v5 63v5   200v15
N Bowden (PM)   64v3 66v3 62v2   192v8
Mrs J Adamson   52v2 54v4 68v4 (37 shots) 174v10
W van Stipriaan (PM)   53v1 59v0 56v1 1stTR try 168v2
J McRae   74v5 70v6 NS   144v11
Open F            
R Thomson   75v8 73v4 74v8   222v20
R Robertson   73v7 69v5 68v4   210v16
P Sandie   NSR NSR NSR   NSR
PMcLaughlin   73v12 75v13 74v1   222v36
J Milner   73v10 75v14 74v8   222v32
W van Stipriaan(PM)   75v12 74v12 73v5   222v29
P Dingle   75v10 73v9 73v8   221v27

Murray Cup 14th September

Thirteen people turned out for the main Club event of the year. The day was dull and cold compared with the previous day at the East of Scotland Open where it was almost too hot, but stayed dry apart from a few minutes of drizzle as we finished.

Many thanks to all who helped set up, change targets and close down; and to John Potter for volunteering to be duty member despite being unable to shoot, and for running the day so smoothly. Commiserations to John MacRae whose trigger failed after a few shots on Saturday and again on Sunday: a round trip from Tain, two nights' accommodation etc and nothing to show for it.

Kenny MacDonald was the clear and deserving winner with not a point off (and 38 ex 45 Vs), having lost only two points ex 330 the previous day. Pat MacLaughlin took the F/TR trophy by one point.

Kenny MacDonald Murray Cup Winner with 225.38v ex 225
Pat McLaughin F/TR Winner with 220.35v and a V on the wrong target!
    500 600 900   Day Total
K MacDonald   75v14 75v13 75v11   225v38
T Kidner   73v8 73v9 75v10   221v27
K Baxby   74v8 73v6 72v6 ` 219v20
S Hayton   71v7 71v8 72v4   214v19
D Gladwin   74v7 69v5 71v6   214v18
W Kilmartin   67v3 69v5 68v2   204v10
W van Stipriaan   64v2 66v4 72v4   202v10
J MacDonald   66v5 69v3 65v2   200v10
N Bowden   66v2 62v1 59v1   171v2
PMcLaughlin   75v11 70v10 75v14   220v35
J MKcCall   73v5 74v12 72v7   219v24
G Hogston   73v10 74v8 71V7   218v25

Club Shoot 28th September

The last club shoot of the season was shot on a virtually windless day-but also one of virtually zero visibilty at times, especially at 1000yds when the number boards were unreadable and the aiming mark was described as "A dark grey blur against a mid-grey background" which prompted the Pythonesque response " You could see a blur? You were lucky"

Many thanks to John Potter for again turning out to do another day as Duty Member despite not being able to shoot all season.

    900 1000 Day Total
K MacDonald   99v12 99v16 198v28
M Barton   99v9 97v11 196v20
S Hayton   99v11 96v7 195v18
K Baxby   96v9 97v10 193v19
A Mabon   95v9 95v6 190v15
S Duncan   92v5 87v3 179v8
J MacDonald   87v4 86v5 173v9
N MacDonald   82v4 85v3 167v7
P Sandie   97v12 95v7 192v19
R Thomson   97v9 93v4 190v13
H Inglis   98v10 91v6 189v16
F/TR( TR target)        
P McLaughlin   99v7 99v14 198v31
F/TR (F class target)        
M Guest   89v4 83v1 172v5

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